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Reference No.                                                             Dated: April 29, 2010




Saral –II (ITR-1) for Assessment Year (AY) 2010-11 is the extension of Form ITR -1 AY 2009-10, with additional applicability of income from One House Property (excluding loss brought forward from previous years) and Income from Other Sources (excluding Winning from lottery and income from Race Horses). Last year only Family Pension and interest income was included in the head Income from other sources. It shall benefit owners having income from one house property and persons’ with income from other sources besides Family Pension and interest income.

But now days most persons invest some or the other persons in shares and do have short term capital gains –for them this Saral –II is not applicable.

Also there are millions of small businessmen who have not much income, for them Form with 20 pages is still applicable. I suggest all business / profession income persons who are outside the ambit of Tax Audit –for them also Saral with additional coloumn of Income from Business / Profession must be notified and applicable from Current AY 2010-11.

Also persons having say Short Term Capital Gains from Shares up to a specified amount say Rs. 50,000 be included in this Saral –II –two page form. Long Term Capital Gains from Shares is exempt from income tax.

If above suggestions are accepted it shall really make SARAL Income Tax Returns Filing for common –small assesses.

Acknowledgement for AY 2010-11 is still awaited –not yet notified for Paper Returns filing. Also all other Forms for AY 2010-11 are yet to be notified.


Also all forms available for download must be fillable on computer itself and not first print and then fill by hand. And on Print Outs the number of pages of the Forms should remain the same-not increased with printed filled forms.


When Computation Software of income tax department is used for e-filling and  print outs are taken for paper filing and / or record-the number of printed pages comes out much in excess numbers than the actual total pages of IT form say Form IV 20 pages becomes 36 pages. It must ensure in the design of software that total pages in Print remains the same as actual number of pages of each form.



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