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Do you welcome SC judgement of striking down NJAC bill?

Yes 91 %
No 8 %
Can't say 1 %
Total Votes Cast : 507
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Do you welcome SC judgement of striking down NJAC bill?

29/12/2015 17:49:47

This is welcoming judgement. Dont want political participation in judiciary.
Posted by jayaselan j k

12/12/2015 21:17:52

lex supremus
Posted by Adv. Yogen Kakade

12/12/2015 18:24:16

Good judgement
Posted by Gourang M Haldipur

11/12/2015 23:35:32

The selection committee can consist of CJI+4 senior most S.C.Judges, Prime Minister, Law Minister, Leaders of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha.
Posted by Adv. Yogen Kakade

10/12/2015 11:03:41

It's a need of today's changing world
Posted by T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate

04/12/2015 12:51:13

This will help the transparency in appointment of judges
Posted by anilpandey

26/11/2015 16:10:54

Posted by Ravindra Pande

17/11/2015 14:13:06

The problems with the judiciary should have been addressed without waiting for NJAC. The Honourable Supreme Court has not been able to justify their reason for sticking to collegium system. A better judgement would have contained an alternative to NJAC incorporating the road map to resolving the existing maladies in the judicial system
Posted by Milind

07/11/2015 18:43:06

I do have faith in judiciary,Government No need to intervene with it,It is observed that the current Government of NDA try to bring such resolution which mostly try to damage basic structure of our constitution however (as a regular reader of Indian express) i found there are many contradiction between their own political leader, so first government need to resolve their own political indifferences before shaking their head with basic structure of constitution .
Posted by Anupam Lahiri

03/11/2015 15:28:50

Very Well reasoned judgment. Even the dissenting judgment is worth researching.
Posted by N.K.Assumi

01/11/2015 11:36:17

Don't worry about Independence of Judiciary. It is already there in the Constitution as a basic structures, read with other International instruments.We are discussing about who should be the Judge and who should appoint them.The phrase after consultation in Articles 124 and 217 of the Constitution has now been converted into after recommendation by the collegium. Even China does not establish their judiciary in this manner.
Posted by N.K.Assumi

31/10/2015 20:30:31

NJAC Bill is better than Collegium system.Collegium systems is something like Co-operative society/Rotary Club or Lions Club Members appointing their own members.Which Country appoints judge by the judges?
Posted by MAMTA

24/10/2015 11:42:01

political interfere in appointment lead to dilute Judiciary Independence and it also affects Constitutional rights which is foremost to keep check on legislature

23/10/2015 11:10:42

I think,if the control of appinment goes to politition control, then the judges can not give their jujment properly/indipendently.
Posted by kavksatyanarayana

20/10/2015 21:19:46

Yes.it should be strike down
Posted by R.K Nanda

19/10/2015 22:20:41

yes. R.K.Nanda-adv-supreme court

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