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software engineer

Hi Sir,I work in software having 12 years experience. I joined USA based company in india since 5 months.

1] My current employer is misbehaving with me by encouraging all admin people and keepers to misbehave by using abuse language so that I can leave company on my own leading to emotional stress.

2] I am being pressured to attend calls from 10 AM in morning to 12 PM in night.I even communicated that my health is not supporting but they are still repeating the same thereby pressuring me work more that 13+ hours

3] They are giving work and asking to complete work immediately with out giving time line to complete the work and when I said that I cant work over time,then they terrminated my employment.

CAn you pelase help me guide how I can take action

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Sir, this is Balachander Reddy, Advocate from HYD.Contact me for rendering of opinion...#Balachander Reddy# 9959850723.


you can send notice explaining the situation, and for mental agony during work period you can ask for compensation. If you want to proceed with me, I am ready to give notice on behalf of you.

Are you being paid for overtime for working 10 am to 12 am? 

Whether your working hours are subject to be extended beyond terms and conditions of service?

Consult a local lawyer with all details.

In such circumstances change your employer, there is no dearth of jobs for talented workers.

software engineer

Hi Thanks for your reply.

Not being paid overtime for working for more that 12 hours.They just terminated  me of not working on weekends and on over time.

Sir ,my health was totally destroyed and had resulted in sleeping problems.



As per your post the employment has been terminated.

There is capping on OT hours in enactments that apply to establsihments, employers,employees.

Hope you have irrfutable evidnece of everthing that you have posted.

From your queries it is felt that you were aware that your emplyument shsll be terminated and hope that you have gathered evidnece.




Approach a very able senior local counsel specializing in Labor/service matters with all communications on record, evidences that you have about harassment, employment related docs, termination order for a considered opinion………….


Your employee's/trade unions can also update you on establishments that were aksed to pay huge compensations...


Instead of striking your head with the rocks liek MNC to merely harm your own interests, as per advice of Mr. Kumar Doab, it is better to switch over to some other job, where you can work as may suit your health conditions.

Further, better be aware to avoid any misunderstanding, no legal notice can solve your problem.





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