Deffirance between adhoc and temporary apointment

Can anyone explain Diffirence between adhoc and temporary apointment


Adhoc appointment is made for a existing post for a short period of time ( say a month or so or even more) in the absence of the person manning the post. When the person manning the post returns, the contract of the adhoc employee is terminated automatically, a temporary appoinment on the other hand is for a vacant post. However a temporary appointment can be confirmed as permanent on satisfaction of the criteria by the employee. The time period for a temporary appointment can vary depending on the requirement it may extend upto 6 months or one year or even beyond that. 


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Yes, agreed.


adhoc means appointed for a particular job. an adhoc may be a permanent or temporary employee. but a temporary means appointed for a temporary period and after laps of that period a temporary may not be apointed again or may apointed again or may be appoint as permanent employee. 

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In fact both ad-hoc as well as temporary appointments are of temporary nature when an incumbent cannot be appointed substantively (permanently) against any post due to one or the other reason. However, there is a clear difference between ad-hoc appointment and temporary appointment, as discussed below:


Ad-hoc appointment is that which is made out of the eligible seniormost candidates of th organization, as a whole, for promotion against the existing permanent posts or any specialist engaged for specifically created post/pupose for solution to immediate problems or to serve immediate needs. These appointments are made when the management is not in a position to fill such vacancies permanently for want of certain complications or due to non-fulfilment of the required formalities well in time.  For example, a DPC is delayed for want of availability of all Confidential Records (CRs)/ Self Apparaisals, etc., or a post of Officer on Special Duty is created for a specific purpose and period, or a Committee or Commission is appointed to go in to some specific problem to find out solution for that.


Temporary Appointment on the other hand, is that which is made on temporary basis against tempoary posts for a specific/ short period by recruitment from outside (if Rules of the organization permit), or on local basis out of the candidates of subordinate services to fill in he vacancis until the poss are made permanent and regular appointmenyts cannot be made as per rules. Temporary posts are created or filled up for a limited time to meet with the needs of the organization to cope with the emporary increase of workload. Tempoary appointments from out of the local candidates, wih due respect to their local seniority, are made for a very short period. If long term temporay vacancy is there the appointment is made out of the seniormost candidates of the recruting area/organization, as a whole, as the case may be.


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You query is vague.  In case of Govt service :-

Temporary employee is the one who is duly selected as per procedure and is on probation and has a right to get confirmation and serve upto 60 years on completion of probation. He holds a seniority and lien on the post. He earns pension for the period. In case of misconduct he cannot be removed wihout inquiry procedure even if on probation.

Ad-hoc employee is the one who is not regularly appointed and who is not even on probation. Sometimes even the approval of appointing authority is not there. He earns no pension or seniority for this period. Basically a backdoor entry wihtou following the procedure. Now Supreme Court guidelines are very strict on regularisation of such employees.

Both are equally entitled to leave benefit inclduing maternity leave, overtime, TA/DA, medical cover etc. 

However if some ad-hoc employee does a misconduct and joins another department on a regular post, still he can be chargehseeted by new department, if reported by old department as CCS(Conduct) Rules are applicable even on adh-hioc employment.

In case of Private service Mr PS Dhingra has already replied above


can a person continue his/her studies during adhoc period of services


kindly reply asap


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yes if permitted by deptt.




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