Cheating with me

i already discussed with madam to giving me offer later and Appoinment Latter.  but she ignored every time and Not paid My complete Salary and they paid salary by Check and after 5 Month NGO and Private Marketing and Advertising Company Fire me Without any Notice, after 4 Month NGO Madam i was Tortured me to Leave job, she was give me Threatened that she will finish my career and she was taking advantage of being a women..
and they  threw my bag from office and pushed me, i was fall in depression of this issue.  i did complained to police station and labour court,, now 8 month spent but no any solution does not get.. so what i do now 

Labour Law Advocate

For the torture and pushing you - As you have already filed complaint in the Police Station and no action has been taken, you can file a petition in the court asking the court to direct the police station to investigate the matter and file a report and start the proceeding against the accused. 

For labour issues like non supply of appointment letter, non payment of salary and termination - Since you have alredy filed a complaint, follow up with it. Hire a lawyer to deal with it professionally. 

For your depression - Consult a doctor. 




Retired employee.

You can make a complaint to concerned Labor Inspector, if the organisation is having a Service regulations obtain that copy and may escalate it to Labour Court.

Dy Director



You hae not been able to explain problem.


who is this madam?

who is your employer?

what cheting has been done to you?

on which count polce cpomplaint is made by you?

whether you are terminated or resigned?

Due regard  to your medical condittion but this forum cannot solve riddles.



Some NGO's might be covered by the Shops & Estbs Act.

So you can approach:

Inspector appointed under  Shops & Estbs Act if the establishment is covered by the Act and you are covered by the def. of 'Employee' in the Act

O/o Labor Commissioner; if you are covered by the def. of 'Workman' as in ID Act

Inspector appointed under Payment of Wages act if your wages are within the def. of wages in the Act

Take help of employee's/trade unions, a very able counsel specializing in Labor/service matters...


So may i get my job beck ...????

मुझे मेरी job वापिस मिल सकती है !
मेरे बहोत रिलेशन बिगड़ गए है
मैंने २ बार पुलिस के सामने हाजिर किया !

and i have no money to fight the case !! so can i represent my case myself

Dy Director

कोइ तथ्य तो दिए नहीं आपने, और जवाब चाहते हैं की So may i get my job beck ...


इस फोरम पर पहेलियों के हल नहीं दिए जाते,

हिंदी तो आती है,  क्या मामला नहीं बता सकते.

मैडम कौन है?
नियोक्ता कौन है?
किसने चीटिंग के?
कैसे चीटिंग की?
किसने पुलिस शिकायत की?
किसकी पुलिस शिकायत की
किस आरोप पर पुलिस शिकायत की?
सेवा क्यों समाप्त की ?
क्यों रिलेशन ख़राब हुए?



Post reply to all points and full facts.




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