19 March 2018 at 19:50

Exorbitant exploitation by a lawyer

Dear Sir,

I had filed a case at the District Forum through a lawyer. The disputed amount was Rs 750000/- for which the lawyer charged me 30000/- Rs and the case has been won by me. The lawyer says he will compromise with the opposite party and compel him to pay the amount (Only Basic amount without any interest ) . The lawyer is demanding 10% commission for that. I am not ready to pay the commission to him. My question is whether I can issue the arrest warrant against the party without the lawyer as it is at the district forum.

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19 March 2018 at 14:00

Tp act

is there any protection against 15 days notice under TP act, if yes under what section of the Tp act?

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19 March 2018 at 12:09

Need a judgement

f a girl from punjab Lohar community(declared as obc by punjab govt.)married in himachal tarkhan community (OBC declared in himachal) and Lohar is in SC catagory in himachal. what is the girls catagory. Which state give her a Cast certificate because Punjab Govt. said our patwari only can report that you belongs to which area which cast or catagory. Himachal Govt issued you a cast certificate. But Himachal govt. said You belongs to Lohar community which is SC in himachal, but you married in OBC Community so we also unable to issue the OBC Certificate. means they are not issuing any one legal SC/OBC certificate.due to this confussion they reject my nominated for election. i was participating in election with my old OBC certficate from (parrental base) MAYKA side.

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I want to purchase a flat in a cooperative housing society in Mumbai.
The current flat owner became an owner (the said owner) indirectly --The father died intestate and his mother became the owner as a nominee. The mother gave a letter to the society that her son would be the nominee. After the mother passed, the said owner became the owner of the flat as he was the nominee. He also provided NOCs from his two brothers who are foreign citizens settled abroad. These NOCs were notarized in the USA (not by Indian consulate).
1) Can the property title considered to be clear?
2) Do I need a relinquishment/release deed before buying the flat from the said owner?
3) If the said owner doesn't want to procure relinquishment deeds registered in India due to the time frame involved (or otherwise), what alternatives do I have to safeguard my interests?
---- a) I have heard that even if the brother give a specific POA (registered with SRO) to the said owner to execute the sale deed, that doesn't release their rights and interests in the property. What is my risk executing the sale deed through such a POA?
----- b) Instead of a release deed, I should get an indemnity bond from the said owner stating that should any dispute arise, the said owner will be responsible.
-- Attach that indemnity bond along with the sale deed to get it registered.
What is the legal standing of such an approach in case of a dispute after the sale is complete?

Thank you in advance for your help

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19 March 2018 at 00:23

Arrears denied after wage revision

I worked in United India Insurance Company (PSU), from 2013 to 2015.
Our Wage revision was pending from 2012. I left it in 2015, and joined another job.
In 2016 we United India Insurance gets wage revision for period 2012 to 2017. Effective/implemented from 1st August 2012.
However the notification says "Provided that the employees whose resignations had been accepted or whose services had been terminated during the period from the 1st day of August, 2012 and the date of publication of this
Scheme, shall not be eligible for the arrears on account of revision under this Scheme."
This denies me my arrears for the period i worked there just because I didnt work their till the day this was published 2016.
I came to know about this in 2017, as i didnt got any arrears i came to know about it little late. Then i tried to seek some information whether its right to deny arrears like this.
I never heard such denial, I work in PSB and even in these banks when wage revision happens, no one is denied just because they left the organisation before settlement notice is published. Everyone gets their arrears for the period they served.
Now I am looking for some legal advice, Whether i can challenge this in courts or tribunals.

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18 March 2018 at 21:42

Section 9

Dear Sir,
I file a sec 9 on my wife, after that she filed a petition that i torture her, & i kill her baby which is false, i change all doctors report by making some understand with the doctor, In true sense she abort my baby in a planned manner, But i have call recording between my wife & her doctor as well as lawer before the abortion. on which call recording my wife saying that her lawer advise her to abort the baby before she file foe divorce> otherwise i may get a stay order from court & she has to give birth my baby. So she should keep a cool relation with me and put my signature on abortion letter & got aborted, After that she will put divorse petition on court. The doctor advice to first get my signature. When i dnt give signature she use some medicine & abort my baby. after that she filed a petition that i killed her baby by torturing her.

Before my marriage one girl loves me but i have no relationship with her, but i love the girl who is my present wife, Now my wife get intimate with that girl & record some conversation between the girl & my wife. i have no contact with that girl. there is no direct contact with that girl with me. By that call recording she wan to file a adultry petition on me.

Where as i have so many watsapp message between my wife & different boys & some vulgular message & some nude pic also send by my wife to her. that watsapp message is with me on watsapp web.

On this juncture please help can i stand or go for mutual divorce on which she demand for 20 lac.

Please advise me whether i go for the case or mutual divirce.

After my marriage she also take apprpx 3 lac from me which she did nt return.

but i give her cash which has no proof with me.

Am working in a pvt company & my salary is on 25000. so i cant bear 20 lac which she demand as a mutual divorce.

Please help, please.

Satyajit Rout

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Question : I have requested court to order, concern police authority to start an inquiry in criminal original petition with offenders and court has issued an order but unfortunately my jurisdiction is different so I have requested my lawyer to correct this using criminal miscellaneous petition and the court has issued an order to concern respondent, but when i checked with police they said there's no action point for them in the amendment petition. From police perspective they want me to file a case in Bangalore instead of Chennai. So can you experts suggest now ?

Crl.O.P.No. 23188 of 2017
Sakthi Saravanan .. Petitioner


The State of Tamil Nadu Rep. by its The Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime Cell, CBCID, Egmore, Chennai – 8. .. Respondent

(The respondent is amended as per order dated 20.02.2018 made in Crl.M.P.No.958 of 2018)

Prayer:Criminal Original Petition filed under Section 482 of the Criminal Procedure Code praying to act upon the complaint of this petitioner dated 03.10.2017 which was addressed to the respondent police herein and conduct an inquiry into the above matter & deal with the offenders in accordance with law and punish them.

For Petitioner : Mr.D.Dheena
For Respondent : Mrs.P.Kritika Government Advocate(Crl. Side)


This petition has been filed seeking to direct the respondent to register the complaint dated 03.10.2017 lodged by the petitioner and to take necessary action according to law.

2. I do not find any reasons as to why the endorsement dated 23.12.2017 made by the Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime Police Station, Bangalore by disposing of the petition should be considered illegal. If at all the petitioner is aggrieved, it is always open to him to protest against such a disposal before the appropriate courts.

3. With the above observation, the Criminal Original Petition stands closed.



1.The Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime Cell,
2.The Public Prosecutor, High Court, Madras.

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Consumer forum president getting annoyed easily.

The complainant has purchased 2 vehicles of two wheeler company. He has purchased one for himself and another for his wife. One vehicle used by the complainant has broken down immediately after 2 days of purchase. He had to carry it in auto to service center and he asked for refund. There they have had altercation. After which he has approached me to file case in consumer court.

The second vehicle also had same problem so they have tried to return the vehicle but showroom people have not taken vehicle back.

The first case was filed on 2-2-2018. And second case was filed regarding wife’s two wheeler in same consumer forum. The president is acting as if he is the advocate of the showroom owner and grumbles on seeing the 2nd complaint about vehicle 2 purchased from same showroom.

I am getting a feeling that the president has eaten money or is favoring the showroom owner. This I can make out because of his words. Whom to complain against the district consumer forum president?

He simply does not want to read the complaint. Wants complaint to be in 1 line which cannot be done like that. without explaining the complaint how will the judge/president understand what is the problem? If complaints should be written in 1 line, its better to give oral complaint?

The president is quirky and gets annoyed easily. He acts as if he is not president of consumer forum but advocate of the showroom owner. What to do in this case?

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15 March 2018 at 09:34

Capital gains

I acquired the property in year 2000 for 6 lac.
And sold in FY 2017-18 for 120 lac. The circle rate is 62 lac and the valuation as per Regd. Valuer is 70 lacs.
Can 1 consider the cost of acqn as 70 lac.?

And capital gain of 50 lac ( 120-70)

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In Harmony Horizon Residences thane,out of 15 MC members 8 resigned immediately after the elections and approached Asst.Registrar who without giving any notice immediately appointed administrator with a letter saying he has been appointed to conduct election within 3 months.
This administrator whose name is Suresh is very arrogant and refuses to give any information, if, we as a member ask him about expenses incurred after his taking over the society, he says that he is not answerable to us, we are feeling helpless and dont know what to do. He is simply wasting our money & has done nothing to hold the elections. Kindly guide

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