Case :
Falsely implicated under 498A. Fighting custody for daughter as well. Case is under train in Mumbai. Dowry was claimed by my inlaws. My FIL retired from central gov org in kolkata.

My vigilance complaint
I have filed complaint against F.I.L before Vigilance under dowry protection act. As an evidence i have given their statement recorded before IO and submission before. I requested to look in to correctness of statement , disproportionate asset and dowry protection act.

Vigilance Response
1. Deny to look in correctness of statement as Mumbai police is doing.
2. No disproportionate asset as per their record.
3. They agree if such my F.I.L has given dowry , it is a cognizance offense and written " appropriate action may be initiated on the basis of the result of the investigation by law-enforcement agency in this regard".

My query and seeking suggestion

a) For point #3 who will initiate and refer to law-enforcement agency ? or which law-enfo agency here ?
Should i ask Mumbai police to start investigation based on vigilance report ?

b) Also , how should i use #2 . Income tax or anti corruption is next step ?


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23 September 2017 at 23:10


my father is a tenant of a non-residential (Commercial premises) in a building at Gamdevi which is under going for redevelopment. Do my father has a option of taking money from the developers and sell the said premises to the developer itself.
or, can my fahter demand residential premises in lieu of commercial premises from the developer in some other project of the same developer?

thanking you in anticiaption

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Dear Sirs,


The case is accepted by court 3 weeks back but the first case hearing was given exactly six months later. This is very late as the builder has stopped construction diverting funds and we wanted urgent court intervention instructing him to start the construction. Court is issuing notice to builder to appear. Lawyer says lets us wait for the response of the builder and then request for early hearing. Then another issue is the NCDRC staff have not send the notice to builder even after 3 weeks of taking the case.

My queries are as follows.

1. Is there any guideline that the court has to give hearing within so many weeks or so? Or is it that the court will give any date, we have to just accept.

2. Is there any guideline that court should dispatch the notice to respondent within so many days? Or is it also their mercy?

Kindly advise.

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Issues: #Domestic Violence, #Property Issue
Property: 42 Square Yards, 4 Floors, All under Parent possession, Self Acquired not ancestral.
Document: Power of Attorney

I have been always a unwanted child for my parents. Emotional abusive situations, Physical Abusive situations were happening with me before marriage. Only younger brother used to get all the attentions. I was under depression and managed somehow my life to survive in this family.

Strong Points:
a. I had a fight with mother after 3 months of marriage and Due to some arguments I ended up shouting on mother. My younger brother slapped on my face due to heated arguments in the family. He shouldn't have done like this because parents are there to take action.

b. I left my home as I was told to separate my kitchen on my dedicated separated floor. I thought these family issues will happen again and again I thought this is not the right place to live.

c. Parents has legally disown me from the property under younger brother influence.

d.. He (My Brother) abused me and slapped me that’s why I left home as I wanted to stay my wife safe. Now I have been blessed with daughter and it would be difficult for me to survive on Rent when I have my parent home available.

e. He calls me and threatens me and abuse my wife and daughter (Newly Born: 27th August, 2017) and say don’t try to come at home as he has done everything to keep me out legally.

f. I am living on Rent with my Wife and Daughter and I want my right. I want to stay in that home.

g. Grand Father already lodged complaints many times in the Police Station for Domestic Violence with him.

h. He (Younger Brother) influences mother to do everything and she does it. Dad doesn’t rule; Mom Rules.

i. All relatives are on my Mother side.

Please show me the way.
Now I have been facing difficult issues living outside home as my Job is also not safe. No financial support

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23 September 2017 at 17:24

Resale flat

Dear Sir
I want to resale my flat
I have purchased in 1997 from first allotte
I have allotmentent letter inname of first allottee and share certificate is now in my name
I have registered my documents aggrement of sale with paying stamp duty in 2008/9
Pl advice that now it will require to stamp duty on allotment ment letter
and get registered
Bouyer want to take bank loan
Second my allotment letter missing the date also so can it put date by present committee members n basis of share certificate issued by society to first alloted and it has been transferred to my name
Pl advice me

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Hi.... I am Working in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya as a creative teacher (Music, Art, PET(M), PET(F), Librarian) which is fully residential, co-educational schools affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi having classes up 06 to 12 standard. Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, an autonomous Organization under the ministry of HRD, Department of education and school literacy, Government of India, and Samiti has adopted CCS (CCA) rule.

I would like to know suggestion from the lawyers who is experts in CCS (CCA) rules
1. Is Creative teacher is entitle for weekly paid off or not.?
2. Is in lien of working on Sunday and holiday creative teachers is entitled for full day compensatory off or not?
3. There is no define working hour for creative teachers. so what a teacher can do in this matter if principle issued order to work in odd hours such as on Sunday/Holiday, evening 6 pm to 8pm (on rotation basis), in night 8 Pm to 10 PM (on rotation basis), in Morning 5 AM to 7 AM (on rotation basis).
4. What action can be taken if principal issued order which breaking the rules.

Kindly, provide the E-mail ID or Phone for personal communication regarding CCS (CCA) rules in residential schools.

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23 September 2017 at 16:58

Mutation of non za land

Can a Khewat of non ZA (Zamindari Act) land (in UP) be transferred to a legal hier under the Section 229 B. A revenue officer, however, chose to do so, after striking down the names of illegal occupants. The process was not done under the Tenancy Act 1939. Is it deemed valid? If not, what is the remedy?

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23 September 2017 at 16:44


A civil case is ongoing with one of my tenants, when that person went to the Local P.S. the tenant paid bribe to the police and they filed a false case u/s 341,323,506,509,114,430 in our name...
and also threatened us not to complain against the police in the higher authority else they would charge some more cases against us. As a civil service aspirant I am afraid of Police. And we are simple common man without any political power ....
plz help..

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23 September 2017 at 14:32

Slum rehabilitation authority

Dear Sir,

Slum Rehabilitation Authority currently are surveying our are i.e Ghatkopar West, Asalpha Village. They are threatening residents of chawl to sign Jodhpatra Form - II, otherwise they will lose ownership of their home.

My questions are as follows:

Do SRA have authority for development of slum without obtaining NOC from land owner.

Do they have the authority to revoke the ownership of the house of the resident in case he does not fill the Jodhpatra Form - II issued by SRA.

How much % of people of a particular slum have to consent, for SRA to go ahed with the redevelopment.

What happens to people who does not give their consent for redevelopment.

What is a proper line of civil action (i.e. court etc), if a person has not got his end of the bargain and has been bullied by the govt. / private syndicate to accept their norms.


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22 September 2017 at 22:09

Using mother's surname

A teenager child has been brought up by his mother single-handed.He has not even seen the face of his father.
Now, the child insists that he would get entered the Surname of his mother in official record. Whether it may give rise to legal complications in future e.g. to say in inheriting his father?

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