19 May 2019 at 16:04

Regular studies and regular job

I have done regular MBA and Regular private job together. I have maintained both things together with my hard work. But now I do not know add in my experience. Is this become illegal ?

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Hello Experts,
We are fighting our DV case( filed by brother's wife) in person. We produced some court orders in the court, but her lawyer put 'not admitted' remark on all the orders. Is it not contempt of court? What action we can initiate against the woman?

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16 May 2019 at 21:00


I am thinking to by bdd chawl at Naigaon ...but I come to know that transfer of name is stopped . One officer of PWD told that U take wen transfer policy will come I will transfer but I told what ABT builder ....he told nothing to do with builder , it is between you and government. Some people are telling transfer of name will be after 10 year.......plz guide me what to do

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In my case, IO has submitted an incomplete charge sheet before court. He hides important documents/evidence that can lead to discharge all accused.

Now I and my lawyer is planning to move an application in concerned court that IO has not done proper investigation and he hides essential documents submitted by me during the investigation which is clear by observing charge sheet.

There is no doubt in the fact that based on those document entire case can be proved wrong and accused can be discharged safely at the time of charge frame. I need expert advice about what would be the best move for me. What are the things we need to keep in mind while drafting the application? Is there anything else we can do at this moment. My date of charge frame is in August.

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16 May 2019 at 10:07

Property verification

Hi There, i am looking to verify legal documents for a Land purchase through someone professional and based in Hyderabad for a fee. Please get in touch through this forum or ring me on +91 97013 65020

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16 May 2019 at 07:05

Terms 7 conditions in a mou

Experts kindly explain in plain English for a lay man to understand the following--

"'The terms of 1st, 2nd, 3rd,& 4th party shall all include their , representative heirs, representatives, assignee's & administrator-in -interest.'

thanking you

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property sold and registered in sub registrar office parents are not aware of that because they think they are here to mortgaje there plot because they are taking loan of 10 lakhs from a financer and they need to sign sum documents in registrar office for that. they signed the papers in a car and done all formalities i registrare office they gets cheque of Rs 10 lakh and come home and check got cleared they started construction the the said plot but after 6 months financer came and told the he is the owner of that plot. now the case in court we came to know that financer and son of realowner of plot knows each other very well and son neeed to pay huge loan amount to financer so they both planed this way and got property registered on the name of financer. now the son is no more with us.
what should we do in that condition

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Hello sir,
Please help me regarding this case :
The land was purchased in the year 2000 and is still in my father name till 2016. Now i come to know that the land owner registered the purchased land in his name without any prior notices nor any information from court or any body. 4-5 farmers also purchased land same owner their land also acquired by him illegally. When we ask for why he is doing so he said he want to sell this to other party. The owner is an advocate also.

As we don't know what to do regarding this please help me.

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I appeared in Screening Test for Asstt. Agricultural Officer in 2018, (recruitment advertisement 2015) . As usual it was qualifying in nature with no weightage and interview 100% weightage, But in 2019 RPSC notified that screening test will carry 40% weightage, interview 40% weightage and rest 20 % academic performance. I prepared screening as merely qualifying test and concentrated on subject. How should I challenge this in court?

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15 May 2019 at 09:21

Contempt under 39 2a

I changed lawyers, consulted number of lawyers and retired judges but could not get proper answer. I am now facing contempt charges under 39 2a vide interlocutory application in a declaration suit instituted by a firm. No reply filed by me /my lawyers. Contempt Application filed by plaintiffs in 2016, came up for hearing in 2018.
Court is not disposing off the application, neither any notice issued on me. Nor giving judgement.
Contempt Application was filed by plaintiffs after giving pw and all issues proved otherwise for plaintiffs as obvious from witness statement filed by surviving partner.
Both sides lawyer remaining absent.
I personally went for hearing and judge told me there is contempt application with provisions of punishment against you and come with your lawyer. Against above back drop my query is
1) interlocutory application is not numbered
2) suit is instituted by a unregistered firm of two partners and one partner died( no legal heir named) and current contempt application is signed by only surviving partner and not by both partners as other no more.
Disputed contract leading to declaration suit is in the name of the firm and not in the name of the partners.
Is suit tenable.

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