In suits of compensation, damages, main component for enforceability of order through execution is names of the parties in cause title or order sheet should be correct. If there is spelling mistake, the parties will say it is not them.

Another thing is when one search a particular judgement in the NIC website if the names of the parties are typed incorrectly, then it will not show the results. For example if party name is RAMA and its typed wrongly as MARA the results will not be shown.

If any judge does this type of spelling mistake, being judge one can say that he has done it purposefully, just to harass the parties or to favor the opposite parties whose against execution proceedings are initiated.

One hemant aggarwal is of the opinion that in my case FAA is constitutional authority and hence has power to impose cost and penalty. Where he read that, has he read RTI Act, that itself looks doubtful.

If anyone can clarify regarding this, it will be very much helpful.

Apart from that.

The CIC, NCDRC have already clarified that in case the SIC has dismissed my appeal or failed to take appropriate action against the FAA, then only high court is the appropriate authority via writ petitoin quo warranto.

The CIC has further clarified that the FAA cannot exercise power which he does not have conferred upon him through RTI act.

My other thread asking how to file writ petition, in nobody has replied till date, it is still open.

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21 February 2019 at 11:41

Arguments on exh.......need help

I have filed a regular civil suit at chalisgaon, maharahstra under section 138 Specific Relief Act. The other side have also file a counter claim. I have completed the state of ARGUMENTS ON EXHIBITS _ Unready. The ld. Magistrate gave next date to the other side for ARGUMENTS ON EXHIBITS _ Unready. All the relevant documents have been submitted but my Advocate missed out certain points at the time of Arguments for the best reasons known to him. The ld. Magistrate stated that let other side Argue on next date and then you may reply to the same.

How can I put-forth the missed out crucial points? Will I get a chance? Should I do it oral or written? Pls help experts

Mohammed Rizwan

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20 February 2019 at 15:15

Law penalties

When reading in law penalties

1.shall be punishable with imprisonment upto 3 years or with fine which may extend to 2 laksh rupees or both (in sec 65 of information technology act 2000)

2. Shall be punished with imprisonment either description for a term which may extend to 3 years and fine which may extend to ruppes 1 lakh( in sec 66c of information technology act 2000)

I want to understand what is "either description for term ''

What is the difference from 1 &2 1 is without that" either description for term ''

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I request for the following clarifications :-

What can be the maximum size of a single sub-divided Housing Plot admissible in a DTCP approved layout in Chennai / Tamil Nadu.for residential purpose.

Beyond which size a land is treated as farm land / agricultural land.

Kindly clarify the above.


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Dear Sir, in my I filed a case u/s 156/3 which was later converted to u/s CrPC 200, now court summoned the accused several time to cross on evidence filed by me as complainant, but he didn't turned up. In November NBW issued returnable on NDOH.

Court issued NBW again when he didn't turned up this time saying argument heard and judgement on next date. Now, when we checked with the police for execution of same, we noticed that previous orders were not entered in there register however it was processed by court and PF was filed.

Made 2-3 visits to Police station to execute it, Police seems to be reluctant to take any steps and it seems they will not take any action to arrest him or will do so a day prior to next date of hearing.

How can we push them to executive our next date of hearing is 14th March in total there are 5 NBW's against accused issued to same police station and 2 Bailable warrant around a dozen other pending enquiries are there, and the matter is also brought to the notice of SHO still its not getting executed.

Request your expert advice on same. Best regards, Gagan

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19 February 2019 at 20:30

Death certificate issues

Mr.B died on 10.10.2018 we hv reported the death to village accountant on 11.11.2018 to add alias name of Mr.B as per amended plaint in partition suit....tahsildar gave endorsement like ur civil suit is pending we don't hv any direction from the court.........again on 11.1.2019 I hv reported d death to register in single name they gave non availability of certificate.......whether I can file Cmisc case for death s maintainable......bcz only 4 months ago Mr.b died....

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Dear sir,
Could you please let me know the charges for counter claim against petitioner in Andhra Pradesh.
Property (House) value is 5 Lakhs.

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19 February 2019 at 10:52

2 days overlap in it job - india

Please help me. I have 2 days overlap in my job. 1st company - Date of exit 26th July 2018 2nd company - Date of Joining 25th July 2018. I am unable to transfer my PF. I requested me previous company to help me out but they said they cannot do anything and this can be done by new company.

So i requested new company and the HR tried her best and initiated the process and sent mail to management for approval. Now, the legal team of my current company is saying that as per the policy of this company it is fine and let it be as is. I do not have any employment issue in my current company which they have confirmed. They will help me in rectifying PF either by giving declaration or withdrawing the amount.

I wanted to know this can be the issue with my future career turns. How should i be relaxed with this situation. What would be my future implications?
How do i tackle the Background verification process? I din't know that time that this can become so big issue.

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18 February 2019 at 10:55

Pay protection

Sir plz give a right sussion. Presently I m working in uttarakhand transport corporation my basic pay after increments is 71100.
Last year I m apply for higher grade pay job assistant professor Govt Degree college Uttarakhand and i m finally selected. Sir Started grade pay is 57700. Sir according to fundamental rule 22 I am eligible for pay protection yes or no.
I apply through proper permission and take NOC for new job.
Selection through state commission UKPSC.

Plz give.......complete information. ..

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17 February 2019 at 10:19

Housing society

my father purchased a flat in may 2002, in 2006 we get to knew the said flat is illegal till date, the court case is filled against builder so later builder revised the plan and made our flat legal, however in 2012 the society is formed but society is not issuing share certificate and not giving us receipt for maintenance and asks to pay maintenance only by cash stating that its due to fact that we filed an court case against builder for legality of flat. what kind of action can be taken ? please help

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