Is it necessary to write IPC section in Cr.pc 200 petition ?

Suppose someone hurt me and I filled complaint case in Cr.pc. 200 subject may be :-
1) Complaint u/s 200 Crpc read with Cr.pc 156(3) and 321/323/327 of IPC.
or Just
2)Complaint u/s 200 Crpc read with Cr.pc 156(3) ?

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Sir, Complaint case u/s 200 Crpc में IPC section कैसे लगते हैं ?
Example :- IPC 321, 323 लगाएंगे या सिर्फ 327 लगाएंगे ?
या तीनो लगाएंगे ?

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15 December 2018 at 22:39

200 crpc

ThankU Hon'ble seniors for my previous query's response.
Have drafted my petition to submit the petition to court.
Kindlu review and provide your inputs.

Respondenat – 4 nos.

1. I, Ms.Dhanyapriya is residing alone in the above mentioned address.
2. I am a legal divorcee
3. A1 and I worked together as a software engineer in from June 2017 to May 2018.
4. A1 approached me at our office and proposed for love and marriage. And we were in love from Dec 2017.

5. A1 and I got married at 02.04.18 in a simple way at my house with the presence of our colleagues and friends. We lived in the above mentioned my house at from April 2018 to June 2018.

6. We have not registered our marriage. Whenever I request A1 to register our marriage he kept postponing the in the pretext of getting approval from his parents.

7. He enjoyed all the matrimonial celebrations and benefits at home with me.

8. A1 has requested rupees One lakh to provide to his friend A2 for his urgent personal needs. He took me to to meet his friend A2 and provide the amount Rs. One lakh to him. Both promised that they will return it in 2 months.

9. Also A1 has taken 2 lakhs rupees from me for his financial needs to support his sisters delivery.

11. Whenever I requested to register our marriage lawfully, A1 refused saying that he can speak after his sister A3’ child delivery to get the consent of their family members.

12. On my prolonging request to register our marriage and to bring it to the limelight of his family, he left the house and went to live with his friend A2.
17. His uncle demanded me that I have to provide my previous divorce decree details to them and to leave my job, if I want to get married to A1.
18. Also they demanded me to buy a new house at their home town to settle down there. if I want to get married to A1.
13. On October ’18 his uncle spoke in filthy languages during the conversation to solve this issue. also threatened that he will kill me

14. His sister A4 spoke to me asking me to get separated from him. She also stated that they are looking for an alliance for his marriage.

15.A4 spoke to me saying that they have arranged for a girl from his hometown, for the purpose of marrying to A1.

16. A4 said that A1 has agreed to marry the girl which their family prefers for him.

20. I submit that I have the following prima face evidences which I can provide to the court on trials or on request.
a. Witness:
Submitting the following witness details for the case.
Witness 1:

b. Documentary evidence:
Together Photograph @home
Whatsap chat histry
Phone call recordings

Wherefore, in view of the circumstances most distressingly narrated above, I most humbly plead this Hon’ble Court be graciously pleased to:

1. To take cognizance of the offence against the accused and to summon the accused persons u/s 375, 496, 498A, 420, 494, 504 IPC to face the trial

2. Adjudge the accused as guilty, whether by consent or upon trial thus rendering justice.

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14 December 2018 at 18:45

Quashing of chargesheet

Respected Seniors,
A and B are Tasmac supervisors. one day night thought that the place was restaurant, they horned before the bunglow owned by politician. repeated sound of horn watchman of that bunglow opened the gate. when the two supervisors entered into that bunglow subsequently owner and watchman of that bunglow called police and questioned about their safety. Though A and B both are apologized, politician thinking that was a prestigious issue pressurized police to file FIR u/s. 452, 294b, 323 and 506(ii) IPC. Due to this both the supervisors were suspended from their service by their department still now. After remand and bail proceedings got over now the police altered the FIR only u/s. 447 IPC and filed the charge sheet before the MM court as Summary Trial Case. In that chargesheet also there are contradictions in the statement of defacto complainant. First hearing got over and ordered to proceed with trial. Though this is a compoundable offence , Both A and B accepted guilty then they will be terminated permanently. So they have no other way except to take the trial proceedings as per my view.
1. Except that can I file quash before the Highcourt. any scope to get the quash this chargesheet? whether will it be a good remedy for them to revoke their job?
2. Or can i file the discharge petition before the MM court?
3. Or If the defacto complainant ready to compromise, then Can they get their jobs back?
4. If so in the compromise memo what should be stated to revoke their job?

may please guide as early as possible

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12 December 2018 at 21:35

Appeal - closed petition

For an appeal against the closed FIR by lower court, I am going to appeal in High court.
1. Do I need to approach the same court which directed the lower court to file charge sheet or which court?
2. Or is it bench court that i need to approach?
CHarge sheet direction from: Madras High court
FIR closed saying no prima face for charge sheet - Judicial magistrate.

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12 December 2018 at 17:10

Sc st act

Need a famous case on sec 3(1) (viii)(ix) case on sc st act where non sc community persons convicted pl

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09 December 2018 at 21:58

Paruvu nashtam dava

There is a case attempt to murder and closed without any evidence. Can we go for "Paruvu Nashtam Dava "

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07 December 2018 at 22:54

145 crpc

A piece of land is shared by three co-owners where two of them being musclemen have divided it into half between them and have dispossessed the third ie. me from it. I want sec 145 imposed on it since there is tension between us for it. So do I need to hire a lawyer to file a case in SDM's court for it or should I simply submit an application on plain paper requesting 145 to be imposed? What will be the subsequent procedure? (note: It may sound an academic query but its my genuine personal problem.)

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03 December 2018 at 12:33

Loss of monetary & mental harassment

I was conned by a girl & her mother under false marriage promises. I have lost my financial standing as wells as my emotional connection with my family. The girl was sleeping with other men for money, keeping me under the impression of love & marriage. Now they have a lot of things that belong to me and they have blocked me everywhere. What can i do?

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28 November 2018 at 09:09


to be summoned to court -to testify---does one has to an accused, ?

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