Procedure and possibility to debit freeze joint savings account

Kindly guide me as to how to debit freeze joint savings account.

It is joint account with 7 members of a family and can 1 request the debit freeze?

The account is misused with unauthorized withdrawal and transfers to other single account with no accountability.

Requested Bank but not cooperating stating


"The account Mode of operation is with survivorship clause, we cannot block account on instructions of one of the holders."


Is there any regulation or rule available issued by Reserve Bank of India which can be presented to bank for getting the debit freeze.

Thank you for your help.

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In the year 2015 i took a friendly loan from one of my friend of amount 4 lakh 80 thounsand by cheque,slowly i was repaying him and paid him 1 lakh 90 thousand by bank transfer till december 2016.But his behaviour started changing and he started asking for more amount like 15 lakhs as interest of loan and he started scaring me on phone and wats app and coming to my place.But i was rigid at my words and finally he gave up and we made a notary contract in april 2018 in which he accepted that he gave me 4 lakh 80 thousand and 1 lakh 90 thousand is received by him from me and for the rest amount of 2 lakh 90 thousand i issued him 2 cheques of 2 lakh 10 thousand and 80 thousand dated 03 may 2018 and 15 oct 2018 respectively.he said he need some money early for his some urgent work so i started paying him from 16th april itself even before the cheque date by online bank transfer till 4 jun i paid him 1 lakh 46 thousand and suddenly he again started asking more amount then what was decided in the agreement so i stop paying him and did the stop payment of 2 lakh 10 thousand cheque as i have already paid him almost 70 % of the amount of the cheque to him by bank transfer.
In july mid he deposited my cheque which was returned to him with remark stop payment done by payee.he started telling me tht i will take u to the court and sent me a notice of demand of money in 15 days which was received by me on 14th aug 2018 but in his notice his lawyer didn't mentioned anything that his client has already received 1 lakh 46 thousand by me through bank transfer and only 64 thousand is remaining to pay,they have stated in the notice to pay whole 2 lakh 10 thousand in 15 days or else they will initiate 138 ni act case against me.
i went to my lawyer and explained all the situation to him and he replied to the notice stating tht 1 lakh 46 thousand is already paid by my client and only 64 thousand remaining to pay by my client and my client is willing to pay the rest amount only if your client ready to return the cheque.After he received my notice i did phone to him and asked him what should be done further and he started blackmailing me tht instead of remaining 64 thousand he need 80 thousand and he also want the money of pdc cheque of 15th oct 2018 paid to him immediately or else he will file a police complaint against me of 420 case.

1)i want to know can police file his FIR ithout even knowing my side directly?
2)In 420 case summon is issued from court to be present there or police send the notice to be present in police station?
3)can they arrest me directly if i go to police station?
4)what defence should i present infront of police so tht police dismiss the case or reject they FIR.complaint as this is surely no case of 420 as i have read tht one have to show tht the intention of payer was of fraud and to cheat will issuing the cheque whereas i have even started paying him cheque amount before the cheque date.
5)can police harrass me ? what can be done in such situation?
6)what if any settlement happened in between me and my opponent?can police dismiss the complaint or FIR?
7)Can i also file a police complaint against my opponent of harassment and blackmailing against my cheque?

pls advice is needed on urgent basis....

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18 September 2018 at 19:22

307 case disposed.

Hello all. What is the definition of LPASW? IS THIS RELATED TO CRIMINAL CASE AS MINE 307.

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A false political motivated case with the help of officer in charge, against me u/s 376/313/323/506 IPC, in the year 2013.
u/s 164 had been done. After that complainant made affidavit before the first class magistrate to withdraw the case. Even as this is a false case, that woman didn't agree on a medical test.
But by political pressure, police didn't submit final report .chargesheet not filed. six years over. what can I do now?

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14 September 2018 at 15:31

Adultery, unnatural sex

Dear experts,
Can husband file a case of Unnatural sex on his Spouse and her paramour. if so can he do it at the police station.

As i know adultery case can be filed as a PCR and then Magistrate takes cognizance and the case is converted to CC only on the Paramour and not on the Spouse.


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14 September 2018 at 14:27


1. I wanted to know the difference between CSR and FIR.
2. What is a non-cognisable and a cognisable offence and which will be connected to an FIR and CSR respectively?
3. After a CSR is filed, what is the next course of action by the police?
4. If the counter petitioner's address isn't mentioned on the CSR, what will be the next course of action by the police?
5. Can a CSR be converted to an FIR at any time after the CSR is registered?

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13 September 2018 at 16:13

Appeal format

Hi, I need a Appeal format U/s 374 against the Order/ Judgement passed by the MM in 138 of N.I Act case

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13 September 2018 at 09:18

Harrasment by boyfriend

A friend of mine had been in relation with a guy from 4 years , the guy bought a car on loan of the girl for which the girl pays loan and vehicle also registered on girls name . Now the girl wants to move out of the relation where as the guy threatens with suicide and is also not ready to return the car or pay the loan The guy has also snatched her phone from her to avoid her communication with people and see who all she talks to , Not paying the loan will result in loan default , whereas the vehicle is not with her . What can be done in this sitaution ?

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11 September 2018 at 14:35

Dv Act

I want to know if exparte vacate orders are generally allowed in dv act if respondent doesn't appear on 1st date.

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05 September 2018 at 18:11

Calling to police station

A woman and a senior citizen man has filed a Criminal Complaint with Delhi Police against some miscreants. Interestingly, Delhi Police officials are calling the woman and the senior citizen man to Police Station over phone only. It has been given to understand that a woman and senior citizens cannot be called to police stations in Delhi and more over if they have to be called, they have to be given proper written notice.

It is requested that Rules of Delhi Police for calling people to Police stations for investigation may be provided.

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