Dog bitten my husband

Neighbour tie the dog to our gate purposefully as we are not there during day time as we go to work.

One day what happen, my husband came early and he saw dog tied to our gate, he tried to remove the dog by unchaining it it bit him.

Then he had to take injection.

Now the dog owner purposefully ties it at night also to our house gate.

The damn thing keeps barking whole night and wont let us sleep.

I had big fight with dog owner, but he tells do what you want you cant do anything to me.

So I complained to police, police took no actiion. So what to do now. Any regal remedy?

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An employee of Broker did a fraud by unauthorisedly selling the shares of my account and he sent fraudulent / False / Fabricated e mails to deceive and mislead me in 2010.
After the quashing of 66A of IT Act by Supreme court in 2015, the sending of email or other material by email etc is no more an offence as it is a Fundamental right to freedom of Expression. However, It may be clarified that whether 66A will be applicable in my case or not? The police has got the evidence of Fraud by Tracking the IP Address of Broker which shows the sender of email from the broker’s office itself.

Can this freedom of Expression allow the Fraudsters to send fraud information on email? What is the remedy?

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11 June 2018 at 12:12

probation period

During my first posting in government sector as a probationer one incident occurred. Some plot were to be alloted to eligible persons based on the records of their previous khatauni .the departmental amin in his report changed the units to sq.m from sq.ft (as per original khautauni).The effect of changing of unit was such that a higher size plot could be alloted,but he cleverly wrote the correct original size of plot to be alloted and not the higher one.he addressed the report to me (having 4.5 months of service & no knowledge of land matters and records; being an engineer) , I forwarded the report to higher authority without any comment or changes with correct recommendation of plot size to be alloted(in sq.m). Higher authorities increased the size of plot to be alloted on another noting.When this act was found 1 year later ,I was shocked as I was completely unaware of this misdeed.kindly suggest the action on my part or the situation I'm in. Further I had only 4.5 months of service as a probationer at the time of incident

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10 June 2018 at 14:13

Ipc record not found


earlier i am able to get my case status from ecourt site, but today i try to check then its shows " record not found"

please guide in this...

thank you

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Dear Experts,
The apartment association (formed under KSRA, 1960) had sent a notice saying they will disconnect the basic amenities like water, generator backup, security & housekeeping services part of defaulter action.
The defaulter action is defined as those who did not pay the maintenance of X amount every month for a given period.

Do they have any rights to recover the dues other than thru filing a civil suit for recovery? They just sent an email 36 hours before stopping all the services.

Is there any relief under which i can stop them from disturbing my peaceful use of the common amenities. I have paid the entire amount but did not agree to pay the extra amount that was increased from April 2018 which is actually a savings projected towards the gold set for after 5 years from now.

Any thoughts about how i can proceed in this regard is a great help.
Thank you

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30 May 2018 at 10:25

Limitation to file complaint

Four years ago woman was harassed, humiliated and molested by an employee but no action was taken. After 2 years old dismiss from job on false ground. Case of harassment filed in civil court. Can I also file policy police complaint against that employee after 4 years.

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19 April 2018 at 19:14

Query regarding 156-3 crpc

1 Under 156 (3) CRPC,the FIR was registered in the Section 452/354 IPC dated 23/2/18 in , final report of the police and recommendation of 182 CRPC dated 12/3/18 in

2 JM Court, the complaint was given in the complaint dated 2/4/2018, the police filed FIR but did not arrest the accused

3 JM COURT, ordered registered in complaint case in the court

4 Can the court register the libel after the Final Report, please tell a law to dismiss the libe

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14 March 2018 at 01:32

Distress warrant granted in dv case

My Wife had filed DV case in Nov'2016, where she got interim order in May'2017 (order passed was maintenance for daughter and to pay EMI of the house which we bought on loan) which my lawyer collected (certified copy) in Nov'2017 and filed appeal in Mar'2018, meanwhile she filed DV Execution in Jul'2017 where she got granted to distress warrant to attached my salary account and other assets (which she has to provide the list yet). Bank outstanding dues are 5L plus for which she has demanded DV Execution, I don't have any saving/FD/MF.
Question: What do i appeal/present in court to stop this?
Any help will be highly appreciated.

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04 March 2018 at 20:15

Urgent advice needed or ipc 406/420

dear sir/madam as per the case some of the brief point to proceed against FIR against me i am an education consultants was registered with british council one of student came to me along with his elder brother in 2005 to get admission in uk university in jan 2005 he made his 50% fee deposit by our company support by cheque n cash n receipt issued for same. he applied his study visa in Feb 2005 session which got delayed by British High Commission he withdraw his file from embassy and applied for sep 2005 session he got his visa after the interview in British High Commission, new delhi on 3 aug 2005 and got his student visa starting from 1sep 2005 to 31 oct 3008. i inform the university about student visa secured for sep session. On 17 Aug 2006 university refunded the demand draft to student which was made by my company account. he gave us authority letter to cancel the demand draft of rest he will pay by taking bank loan which was sanctioned by corporation bank, palam branch. He has take all his admission letter and tuition fee receipt to cross the uk border and reached united kingdom on 1 sep 2005 without informing me.we approach student but his number is not reachable. on 15th dec 2005 his elder brother and uncle approached me without any authority letter from the younger brother who fled london, uk on student visa and ask me for tuition fee refund as they have change there mind for studies now. they said they want his brother to send uk only. they made complaint against me on 15th dec 2005 and i got arrested for 406/420. after 13 years of fight back now session court removes ipc 420 against me and running the trial. now the stage is in defence evidence his marksheet of 10th and 12th found forge after CBSE summoned. i have deposited the money in court as per court direction in the name of complainantt(elder brother). In Pw1-elder brother and pw-2 younger brother(gone to uk) misled the court and given false statement. also court has warned the complainantt to withdraw the FD amount interest without court order, as court has given FD to complainant to renew he made again for the same amount which was made by me. they are rich people they ruined my business my life as they said at the time of FIR as there is an statement by complainant that they know someone as known to police. now it is clear picture that complainant has ruined my life by planning and giving forge document and using my services. now i need advice what all section should i put under ipc against them and file complaint against them. i guess ipc 340 is too long at this stage bcoz police was also in some influence. Pls advice your expertise .

i was the only bread earner in my family i lost my father at the age of 5 by DTC bus drunk driver hit the father scooter. now these kind of rich people use there money to do what they want to do.

warm regards

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My husband and his relatives were acquitted in the dowry case 498a in the lower court in the year 2016 December. I had approached a lawyer for filing appeal in the high court in the month of Jan 2017. Unfortunately, the lawyer cheated me and took huge sums of money but dint file any case since she was not enrolled in any courts of India . I lost almost 1 year by the time I realized this.

But, can I still file for an appeal in the high court against my husband and in-laws?

Thank you

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