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13 January 2018

One case is surfacing and bit confused on the aspect how to move on it in future
1) All parties admit that mentally retarded boy is residing with one family
2) He feels that this is family and family feels he is family member and society also have same belief
3) He is 30 years old
4) But fact is that he was adopted from someone because that family did not want mentally retarded child
5) No documents are presently related to valid adoption available
6) Certain record of last 5 years show that he is son of adopted father
7) Father died
8) Now to secure rights of that mentally retarded boy in adopted family estate in question, and person who adopted him too have natural children
9) How to reguralize that mentally retarded boy adoption, Physical age 30 , mental age 5/6 and most imp. thing chances is that if this person who adopted him his financial security he don't get there are chances that he may be on street and on mercy of others

Aim ----

1) Irrespective of law (or anything if missing in my reading as such) I want to secure his rights and also appoint a legal guardian on him before any further wrong takes place regarding his assets and him.

2) I want that guardian to be monitored to be also observed by group of well wisher else they may do any other thing

3) What are remedies available up to Dist Court and discretionary powers above Dist Court in Hon. HC & Hon. SC

Please guide me its volunteer service even for me, no gain for me even expenditure from my pocket only of typing and paper too.

Madhu (Querist)
13 January 2018

Assets which I am talking is related to the person who adopted him.

Reason I am showing interest is that in other case I saw many years back relative sold assets of even sibling took money and no one cares for him , and now after all bad episode all got up for its rights and doing all formalities

Sudhir Kumar (Expert)
13 January 2018

it is not clear whether the natural children existed prior to his residing in the family. If that be s if the person was having child of same sex then no adoption could be possible at all.

Now he is 15(+). SO no adoption can now take place.

It is not clear who died his guardian or natural father

Madhu (Querist)
13 January 2018

They have many children and I doubt same gender child was born so they took that boy too.

Person who took his care and he presumes him to be his father (guardian) died

Whether due to his special medical condition something can be done?

Madhu (Querist)
13 January 2018

The situation is regarding his Mental condition and that is most concern.
Women (guardian) not natural mother , whether can she do now anything special

Madhu (Querist)
13 January 2018

But problem is that physically he is adult not mentally (Medical reports from Govt hospital are there showing low IQ , in my opinion Sr Kg Child )

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