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In Delhi, if any landlord and his tanent entered into an agreement paying court fee for Rs.2400/-  in which landlord lease his house for 2 year expired on 31.10.2010 or more to the tanent for monthly rent of 10000/- per month.

is the landlord eligible increase the rent every 11th month for 10@ or higher while in agreement nowhere is mentioned that he is eligible tgo increase the rent;

 and having words :

descreption of the document : Article 35 (ii), lease up to 5 years

consideration price : 120000/- ( rent for 12 months)

stamp duty amount : Rs.2400/- ( may for 2 years) valid up to 31.10.2010

that the said tanency is for a period of two years from dated this to dated this.

monthly related details : consideratin value is Rs.10000/- per month and stamp duty 2400/-

the land lord by hook and crook increase the rent 10% in 12th month and now again he need 50% increse in rent i.e. 10000/- to 15000/-

one month security deposit/advance for Rs.10000/- was no where mentioned in the agreement.

premises slolely for residential purooses.

i strongly feels that the agreemnt has contrdictory lines and the advocte of the landlord and landlord him/herself fradulently make the language of the agreement that was not considered by the govt. authorities.

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Pramod Agrawal 
on 09 August 2010
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