H roc age (L) => attend to what good do

Hoc anno (L) => in this year

Hoc loco (L) => in this place

Hoc tempore (L) => at this time

Hodie mihi, cras tibi (L) => today my turn yours’ tomorrow

In curia (L) => in Court

Lapsus linguce (L) => a slip of the tongue

Lex non script (L) => the common (unwritten) law

Lex loc (L) => the law or custom of a place

Lex scripta (L) => the statute law

Lex talionis (L) => the law of retaliation

Noli me tanger (L) => don’t touch me

Nunc est bibendum (L) => now is the time for drinking

Omnia vincit amor (L) => love conquers all thing

On dit (Fr) => the flying rumour, common report

Onus probandi (L) => the burden of proof

Post mortem (L) => after death

Post obitum (L) => after death

Proces verbal (Fr) => written statement

Pro memoria (L) => for a memorial


on 09 March 2008
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