Increase in mediclaim premium of senior citizens

Through this article, I urge the readers to think seriously about the increase of Mediclaim Premium for Senior Citizen, the reasons as under:
1. Government & Semi Government retired senior citizen persons get the pension & also medical benefit after retirement. They are secured for their health care after retirement for onward life time. Even their family also was given free treatment. Every Government department gives some discount in charges like train & bus tickets travelling/passport fees etc. I talk about non-government & government senior citizen where they have to pay Mediclaim Premium from their pocket, from their fixed interest income. The senior citizen, are not earning persons. They have to pay such fantastic premium out of their fix interest income.

2. Government is increasing tax, dearness has gone high, Bank interest rate falling down every month, it seems that Government does not care for old people / senior citizens of India. 

3. If you are reading this article, I think you people are secured as you do Government Job. And you may get all medical treatment benefit after retirement. So I think you will not realize the seriousness of our problem.   

4. Further Issue: In all major cities TPA and Hospitals have individual contracts for particular treatment and surgery. Insurance Company marketing Policy as CASHLESS. When a person admits at Hospital, he is told yes, it is Cash Less. When the person treated and at the time of discharge from hospital, the hospital will say TPA has approved only this much amount and balance, you have to pay? When asking, the hospital will say they have contract / agreement with TPA. So as per agreement they will allow/approve only this amount, so the rest balance amount we have to cover from the patient.

5. If the person is capable he will pay full bill to hospital and claim directly to TPA for full payment of the treatment. But it is not possible with every person, who cannot afford to pay full amount to hospital and later claim to TPA. This is some sort of fraud / cheating with the insurer. The insurer thinks he is safe as he has Mediclaim and nothing to pay as per his amount of covered insurance as IT IS CASHLESS. This modus operandi should be legally stopped between TPA and Hospitals. When asking Insurance Company, they say TPA doing this, we are not concern. So IRDA, should think seriously to stop TPA / Hospital co contract/agreement. It is clearly EYE WASH to the public that it is CASHLESS. Government does not provide any good Hospitals in country where senior citizen go and get treatment. At present we follow steps of Western Countries, it seems only to get more taxes but not taking care of senior citizens what Western Countries are taking care of Senior Citizens. You should not avoid this and only to focus premium for collection.

I request to spare time to read above. I think this problem is with all senior citizens who pay the premium out of their savings and fixed interest income. It is not me, only, but consider this mail as mail from senior citizens of India asking relief in premium and other issues.  

My suggestion: 

1. You should reduce Mediclaim Premium 10% every year for senior citizens.

2. No claim bonus should be added every year and not limited maximum 50% Why? For senior citizen?

3. Like our case, this NCB is freezed since last ten years under new policy rules? Why? For senior citizen, Bonus should be given and continued without any limit of % to maximum 100%.

4. The problem and issue of TPA / Hospital should also be taken seriously. This arrangement should be stopped legally.

Hope you will take up this matter seriously for senior citizens.


Madhukar Bhatt 
on 04 September 2017
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