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Comments on : Supreme court makes FIRs mandatory. No prelim enquiry necess

The courts of country have been wasting public time and money. the intention of legislature is very clear when registration of a report Rojnamcha in case of non-cognisable offence is provided then it is very simple how the police may deny registration of a case involving cognisable offence.
Posted by MANI RAM SHARMA on 27/11/2013 08:05:02

Comments on : Aadhaar card must be voluntary, says Supreme Court

Government appears to have made a commitment that it will adhere to the directions given by the Highest Judiciary...
Posted by slakshmanrao on 15/10/2013 21:50:29

Comments on : Police arrests Minister's son, gets suspended!

It sounds like a typical Hindi Movie Character, unfortunately, there will be no Hero to come and deal with the Minister.
Posted by N.K.Assumi on 02/07/2013 20:11:32

Comments on : No salary without Aadhar card

This is real invasion of privacy. See the Data Sharing policy and Open Government platform. Under the relevant provisions of Aadhar and UID, the date can be shared under orders of competent court. But competent court is not defined. An officer of the rank of Joint Secretary can decide whether to divulge or not. Thus collecting biometric data and sharing without consent of party is illegal. Moreover most of the companies doing the work have overseas limbs and they will be forced to divulge data. Government saying that Aadhar is not compulsory but making it applicable to various schemes is illegal. WP(C) 494 of 2012 is pending in Hon'ble Apex Court. Till its disposal, such proceedings by Governments are not in good spirit. Why should an Indian Citizen give biometric data to Government when it can be shared by the Government without his consent.. When I sent an email to Open Government Platform seeking clarification regarding sharing of biometric data collected by state, I got an evasive reply. Subramanian
Posted by SUBRAMANIAN on 10/03/2013 01:21:36

Comments on : Delhi gangrape: Culprits deserve street justice

legal justice with all shortcomings of law
Posted by Sudhir Kumar on 30/12/2012 19:40:53

Comments on : Delhi gangrape: Culprits deserve street justice

No they don't.
Posted by Member (Account Deleted) on 30/12/2012 07:51:50

Comments on : International surrogacy law lecture

Posted by Nayan Medhi on 19/05/2012 18:58:21

Comments on : International surrogacy law lecture

Posted by Muzammil Hussain on 19/05/2012 18:56:15

Comments on : Say No To Dowry Video

If a man marriage without dowry & do marriage own expenses. then after dispute in between husband & wife, then wife says in court- "what any marriage will be done without dowry". then how do husband
Posted by Puran Maurya on 29/12/2011 16:46:57

Comments on : Say No To Dowry Video

If man not give any dowry and expenses of marriage is self. After some time after wife says that "Any marriage is not held without dowry" means "say that- Kya koi shaadi bena dowry key hoti hai". How to proof man.
Posted by Puran Maurya on 15/12/2011 09:51:20


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