Suraj   Wrote on 26 October 2017  

My marriage is love marriage. We love each other's last 9 years and we married in 2015 in civil court. After marriage we didn't told our family. After few months she come for work in our home town and we live together last eight months. After that his family got to know that we already married. They came and take her to his home. We are trying to convince than but they didn't. And forcing me to give the divorce to her because I m not reach and well settle. Main problem is caste problm. We are both Hindu but different categories. Because of this they are forcing me to give divorce. If u didn't give divorce we will file case against u. That I had black mail to her to marry with me otherwise I will kill your parents. This false fir they are trying to put on me and forcing her to file complain against me that I had black mail her. If u didn't file fir we will do suicide otherwise I will kill that boy and his family. Because of this black mailing she wants divorce from me but she loves me lot and I too. I don't want to give divorce to her. What should I have to do ?

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