Burmah Shell (Acquisition of Undertakings in India) Act,1976

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Act No : 2



(1) For the removal of doubts, it is here by declared that the provisions of sections 3-,4-and5-shall apply to the extent to which any property appertains to the business carried on by Burmah Shell in India; and to the rights and powers acquired, and to debts, liabilities and obligations incurred, and to contracts, agreements and other instruments made. by burmah Shell in India, and to legal proceedings relating to those matters pending in any Courier tribunal in India.

(2) If any question arises as to whether any property appertains, on the appointed day. to any business of Burmah Shell in India, or whether any rignts. powers, debts, liabilities or obligations were acquired or incurred or any contract, agreement or other instrument was made by Burmah Shell for the purposes of its business in India, or whether any documents relate to those purposes, the question shall be referred to the Central Government which shall, after giving an opportunity of being heard to the persons interested in the matter, decide it in such manner as it may think fit.


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