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Assam Rifles Act,1941

Act No : 5



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- A rifleman who-

(a) begins, excites, causes or joins in any mutiny or being present at any mutiny does not use his utmost endeavours to suppress it, or knowing or having reason to believe in the existence of any mutiny does not without delay give information thereof to his Commanding or other superior officer; or

(b) uses, or attempts to use, criminal force to, or commits an assault on his superior officer, knowing or having reason to believe him to be such, whether on or offduty, or

(c) shamefully abandons or delivers up any garrison, fortress, post or guard which is committed to his charge or which it is his duty to defend; or

(d) in the presence of an enemy or of any person in arms against whom it is his duty to act, shamefully casts away his arms or his ammunition, intentionally uses words or any other means to induce any other rifleman to abstain from acting against the enemy, or to discourage any other rifleman from acting against the enemy; or

(e) directly or indirectly holds correspondence with, or communicates intelligence to, or assists or relieves any person in arms against the State, or omits to discover immediately to his Commanding or other superior officer arty such correspondence or communications coming to his knowledge; or

(f) directly or indirectly assists or relieves with money, victuals or ammunition, or knowingly harbours or protects, any enemy or person in arms against the State; or who. while on active service,-

(g) disobeys the lawful command of his superior officer; or

(h) deserts or attempts to desert the service; or

(i) being a sentry, sleeps upon his post, or quits it without being regularly relieved or without leave; or

(j) leaves his Commanding Officer, or his post or party, to go in search of plunder; or

(k) quits his guard, piquet, party or patrol without being regularly relieved or without leave, or

(1) uses criminal force to, or commits an assault on, any person bringing provisions or other necessaries to camp or quarters, or forces a safeguard, or breaks into any house or other place for plunder, or plunders, destroys or damages any property of any kind; or

(m) intentionally causes or spreads a false alarm in action or in camp, garrison or quarters; shall be punished with transportation for life, or with imprisonment which may extend to fourteen years, or with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees, or with both such imprisonment and fine.

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