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I am Divyalakshmi, from Chennai. I am more concerned about conduct of women in public. As we know that each crime against women has been triggered by women indirectly. The dressing, behaviour and conduct of women in public has been deprived to the large extent in past 15 years. Women are capable to do all kind of jobs so they can claim to be equal to Men. But that doesn't mean to be dressed like Men. Women can become equal to Men but still maintain the dignity of womanhood. But these days women are loosing the characteristics of womanhood and literally behaving like Men in public. These kind of attitude to women will degrade the whole society. So I think all of us including Men should take an active part in order to sustain the womanhood in our country. Let us make an awareness next time when you see a woman or girl dressed in a seducing way to make her understand that she is being contaminating the society and so increasing the crime rates against women. When British was ruling in an protest in Tamilnadu against British Raj, women took active participation. To take revenge British arrested those women and made them naked in public. Those dignified women faught back and later jumped from the same hill inorder to save themselves. For that incidence all the other women in Tamilnadu broke the British Offices and put them on fire. But now women are dare enough to walk half naked in public. Where is our country leading us? or Where are we leading our Country?

India was once upon a time a rich country of highly dignified women in public status. Let women power grow to cut the evil not to develop it.

Bharat Mata ki JAI.

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