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Wrote on 20 February 2019  

Hello Team, Can this Bill on DNA can be used for DNA testing of Child in the matrimonial disputes? or only for the Extreme Murder or identifying Missing Persons.

Wrote on 24 January 2019  

The quick and cost effective forensic and computer added justice system . the case tobe sent to 100 jurist, judges and panch the experts and on feed back and scrutiny and filtering decision or extract without any tampering should come. the electronic system should record he proceedings and within 48 hours judgment should come on line fees structure may be as per public policy.

Wrote on 24 January 2019  

a perfect decision provided no tampering.

Wrote on 23 January 2019  

<a href="https://discord-servers.io">Discord servers</a> also has several text chat channels as well as personal messages between users. This is great when you can not or do not want to use voice communication channels to chat.

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