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Lokender Gupta
Wrote on 03 April 2017  

this is increasing day by day...how to stop it?

Wrote on 03 August 2016  

hi, My mother in law filed a case on me. my self and my sister in law ( my wife sister and daughter of my mother in law) were in love. it has been noticed by my wife and mother in law and file a case on be as below. 354(a), pocso, 3,5,9 and 506. i have recorded the video of our romance (sister in law with me) and it is handed over to police and it is with judicial custody now. I have not raped my sister in law but did only romance with mutual consent. now. my mother in law and wife , sister in law are all ok to with draw the case which is filed on me. but, not sure what to do? how to do? can you please suggest us so that we can close this case ASAP! really fedup with this procedure and all. kindly respond ASAP.

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