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Mukesh sharma
Wrote on 18 September 2015  

good artical and also good thing but as say manish some bad thing in our law its very important to clear them first many sector we see more of people work in very bad condition like as stone cut and other mines

Wrote on 16 June 2015  

This is really a good and new step towards quality work and production and we really appreciate it. But it has is own drawbacks. Since it is stated to keep on quality of work norms just feel that it should be extended to the sector where ever job are given or people are employed. That means NGO sector also. If you see NGO is the sector where you will find the most labor exploitation done by top management. Just check or ask for the records and see facility and salary given to field, office and key staff and see the facility and salary given to top or manager level staff. It is agreed the there will be difference but what is the ratio of difference between position. Now take example say if manager is getting Rs 30000 the assistant manager should get betweem Rs 20000 - 25000 thousand as most of the work of manager will be done by assistant manager. but in NGO the difference very huge and no one to question them for the difference. if manager is getting Rs.30000 the assistant manager is given between Rs 10000 to 12000. on what basis is this difference justified. when I see myself burdened with work load, while see others just sit and forwarding that work to below staff and harassed from all the angel to get the work completed which is not of there but of some one else. Thus feel there should be trade union like facility in NGO's also to stop these king of exploitation of workers. HR is there but since he is getting heavily paid he joins hand with the top manager and harasses as per managements requirement. So to whom should we go. We cannot go to labor court as after that our future is in problem. Thus feel this law should be extended to NGO's also.. Any way good move lets hope it bring good working condition to all.

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