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Wrote on 22 June 2016  

As per present situation pertaining to traffic and accidents caused, new policy has to be formed. New policy must improve and develop a mechanism to control the speed such as electronic speed detectors and machinery to control. Special policy about pedestrian on the road. Stringent rules to be framed and its implementation required. Now we are developing country must have adopted new technology from time to time. But unlikely dont want to develop and adopt new mechanism.

Wrote on 09 October 2015  

Yes, since 1988, the transport department hardly used valuable time for resolving, controlling, educatiing the society against ever increasing vehicle population. Transport dept is the executive body, never bothered for what happens around. Walk through major and subroads of any city. If you find the pedestrians priority if exists, it is proof of control. The fact is zero score. Staff value is far below zero. Slash benefits proportionately for their lapses, may be over 90%. This applies to police and traffic police. Same formulae applies to rest of the services too. We have one working executive, the efforts are spoiled by remaining 9 executives. Unwanted nine. If those 9 did the bear minimum task, we would have been placed far better than we are today. Trim and save the country by kicking out over 90% of existing staff upto the highest level of IAS, IRSW, IRS, IFS etc.

Wrote on 01 August 2015  

The Law should also try to curbed the menace of false MACT by legal mafia in the name of social engineering.The weakness in the Law should be identified and rectified immediately including the power of MACT.

Rishikesh Rewatkar
Wrote on 02 September 2014  

Coming law will be good for safety of peoples.

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