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Shankar Balasaheb Dhumal
Wrote on 23 October 2015  

If exchequer get full consideration of his property then ?

Wrote on 20 June 2015  

special leave petition No.13917/2009 supreme court suraj lamps VS state of haryana

rajendra rao
Wrote on 18 March 2015  

Can someone post whole judgement or atleast case no. for tracing full judgement.

haroon Basha
Wrote on 17 November 2014  

is there any law or documents deals with signature. like it should be signed where it mandatory whether in ink or thumb impression etc. kindly guide for more clarity on this haroon

Wrote on 02 November 2014  

In the matters relating to Self Earned Property,Legal route may still have the merit, till such time, the legalheir/successsion certificate(s)are in process..This needs special attention...

Rasik Dagli
Wrote on 12 August 2014  

This is an eye opener for those are doing illegal Property Transactions by General Power of Attorney.All Lawyers should also advise their clients that they should not do such transactions.

dr g balakrishnan
Wrote on 26 July 2014  

property sellers and buyers should not shy away from paying reasonable fees to property advocates is my opinion, after all there is a lot of cross checks in property checks!

dr g balakrishnan
Wrote on 26 July 2014  


dr g balakrishnan
Wrote on 26 July 2014  

Advocates in transfer of property cannot take things for granted at all, but they do as clients want cheap advocate fees.. some thing like Rs.1000/- or so! Property costs more than one crore!

dr g balakrishnan
Wrote on 26 July 2014  

i had handled such documents but i searched the reasons why party is not present that revealed the clandestine ideas of sale! i rejected such sales. some clients got annoyed with me!

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