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Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 05 July 2013  

Late news. After this other amendments came into picture. I am contesting a matter wherein I have challenged the notification of 2012 by virtue of which grant of licence to a person can be rejected for no reason.

Amit Kumar
Wrote on 03 July 2012  

One don't need arm licence if Govt. improve its law & order in order to provide safe and peaceful environment. Need to amend the law in IPC & CrPC instead of amendment in arm licence.

Abhishek Bhagotia
Wrote on 04 May 2012  

Good move , efforts should be to make it needless to keep arms by providing well for society.

Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 18 November 2011  

Fools. They want terrorists to supply machine guns to those who want pistols.

Anil Agrawal
Wrote on 14 November 2011  

Kattas are freely available in Bihar.

Avinash Mishra
Wrote on 20 October 2011  

Good Move...

Wrote on 30 July 2011  

agreed with Mr. Joseph Alex.

Adv.Joseph Alex
Wrote on 05 July 2011  

Arms licences should be given without much hassle in my opinion. Of course it should be with verification and strict scrutiny, But should be done within a short period. like say 2 months of applying. I say this because the police cannot protect you or your family almost always. Most police stations across the nation do not even have working fire arms. And if the state cannot protect its people then the people should be given the choice to ensure their well being.

K L Malhotra
Wrote on 28 April 2011  

In the proposed bill, Government should also make provision for police verification of all such licences issued earlier without police verification

Wrote on 16 February 2011  

well this will lead another way to extract non taxable money

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