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Dhumaskar vijaya
Wrote on 09 February 2011  

who ever appoints the judges what difference does it make in the present times!

Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 15 January 2011  

No matter who appoints the Judges. The Only thing which has to be considered is that these people do justice and give correct decisions and that to on time.

Amitabha Gupta
Wrote on 20 November 2010  

when judges appointed by the collegium of the SC and HCs are acting under the state influence then one can easily imagine as to what would happen if judges will be appointed by the state itself.

Wrote on 03 October 2010  

Plz leave judicial system politician.We request you that a panel of Supreme court and high court judges should reccomend for appoint ment of High court and supreme court judge,even CR must be taken from the high court where judge to be appointed

Member (Account Deleted)
Wrote on 02 October 2010  

All comments above go a long way to prove that all is not well with the Indian Judicial System. Only 10-15% of the longest constitution is used.

Bodla Upender
Wrote on 26 June 2010  

when we are entering into globalisation. The judiciary of old system is to be modified. why not union govt empowered to ammend the act for appointment of Judges in Highcourt as well as supreme court. As per the reliable information from Barcouncil members the old judges having 25 to 30 years experience holders in advocacy minted crores of the money by taking advantage of dual Indian Law system & fully worked under the political influences. These senior judges assets,is to be covered by Incometax raids & CBI enquiry is to be conducted. Then all citizens of India come to know that one judge in his service how black money accumulated. Hon'ble president of India have the esteemed powers & give such directions to probe against corrupted judges only. So at least the judicature will improve morals & people trust the indian laws for better judgement.

Madan Mohan Parekh
Wrote on 25 June 2010  

I feel that judiciary needs refrom at all levels , I also feel that government apathy towards appointment . Vacancies are not filled up within time and advocate and existing judiciary is blamed for slow justice. M.M.Parekh.Advocate

Wrote on 11 April 2010  

Unless the appointment of the judiciary starting from the lower court magistrates/munsiffs to SC judges is in the hands of the government there cannot be any justice done in their appointment.

Wrote on 15 February 2010  

to become a II/I class magistrate, there is an examination on law subjects and a oral interview to estimate their knowledge and capability. For anything and everything, thers is a technical interview and personal interview But nothing-to become a high court judge My personal view is that Collegium method may be changed and the judicial system may be strenthened by adopting a right method

bhupender sharma
Wrote on 12 February 2010  

we need the people who is judicially oriented and have the capability to strenthen the judicial system in the right prospective.

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