Taking Selfie with Accident Victims will attract a penalty under Section - 122 & Section - 177 of Motor Vehicles Act

Noida police have decided to penalise eye witnesses who shoot videos and take selfies instead of helping the wounded to reach to the hospital. The decision has been taken after the increase in such trend i.e. people stops at the accident site just to shoot a video of the accident. This obstructs the traffic and makes it difficult for the emergency medical help and police personnel to reach the victim on time.

According to a report, there has been a considerable increase in the accident cases from January 2019 to May 2019. Between this period, Noida police have recorded 481 accidents, out of which 220 people have been reported dead and 393 injured.

Anil Kumar Jha, superintendent of police (traffic), Gautam Budh Nagar said that these onlookers will be charged under Section - 122 and Section - 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act. Section - 122 states that ‘No person in charge of a motor vehicle shall allow the vehicle or trailer to be abandoned or to remain at rest on any public place which is likely to cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to other users of the public place or to the passengers’. Section - 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act deals with the punishment on the violation of any provision of the act. He further brought the guidelines of the Supreme Court into light which necessitates that it is the responsibility of the citizens to aid the accident victims.

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