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Qualifying NET is must to become lecturer: HC

By : rahul on 08 December 2010 Print Print this Report Abuse


Qualifying NET is must to become lecturer: HC


Degree of M.Phil or PhD will no longer be sufficient to secure a job in academic field in colleges as the Delhi High Court has upheld the UGC policy of making it mandatory for an aspiring lecturer to qualify National Eligibility Test (NET).


A bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Manmohan said the test is essential to maintain uniformity and quality in higher education as different yardsticks are followed by Universities while granting degree of M.Phil or PhD.


"The results of exams conducted by various examination bodies vary from university to university and they are, therefore, neither reliable nor comparable. Consequently, to attain the objective of common national yardstick in terms of qualification for every candidate who aspires to be a lecturer and that the quality of education in higher education is maintained at the highest level, the impugned Regulations 2009 were issued by the UGC," the court said.



The court passed the order on a petition filed by All India Researchers Coordination Committee challenging the 2009 Regulation of changing the eligibility conditions for the post of lecturers. According to the new regulation, only those who pass NET would be eligible for the post of lecturer.



Challenging the new regulation, the Committee said this was contrary to the 2006 regulation which held any one who acquired an M.Phil or PhD degree was eligible for the post of lecturer.



The court dismissed the petition saying the UGC took the decision after various expert committees have concluded that there are irregularities and wide variations in the grant of Ph.D./M.Phil. degrees in various universities.



"We are of the considered opinion that it is not for the court to question the wisdom of the policy directive of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development when it is based on the recommendations of an expert committee (Mungekar Committee) and there has been no violation of the enabling Act or that of any provision of the Constitution," the court said.


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Comments (8)



Wrote on 11 January 2011

There is no relation between the quality of a teacher and the qualification like PhD or MPhil or NET he/she holds. A highly proclaimed teacher from Harvard cannot immediately become relevant in Hyderabad! Similarly a best teacher in City college will not find any grip in a rural college. Teachers evolve with the environment and the students and they try to deliver the quality demanded by their students. Therefore the Judgement by HC citing reason as Uniformity of standard is absurd. There never can be one standard for country as big as ours. There is space here for all of PhD/MPhil and NET. But the HC and UGC repeatedly fail in their responsibility to suggest a scheme to accommodate all intelligently. A simple ranking system stating as to which qualification has to be preferred over the other is what is required. How is that all the colleges and universities going to staff their departments just with about 13000 NET candidates available in the market. I am a NET and I am not going to come for teaching unless I am going to be paid double above 6th Pay Commission recommendation. HC has only seen the petition and but has not applied its mind with respect to the reality. Such half Judgments are for breeding corruption and I hope the SC corrects this. Join TN NON GOVERNMENT NON UNIVERSITY TEACHER Google group for more info

T.M. Chetan Kumar

T.M. Chetan Kumar

Wrote on 13 December 2010

It is a welcoming decision of Delhi High Court. The candidates who obtained M.Phil Degree in other manner, because of this the eligible candidates really lose the chance. In recent regulations of UGC it prescribes minimum standards for Ph.D., the candidates who obtained Ph.D., based upon the UGC norms they should also complete the NET. Because NET exam is the only criteria to test the quality of candidates. I will really appreciate the Verdict of the Court.



Wrote on 13 December 2010

One who pass BA with B.Ed. eligible for posting as Teacher at High School level. Those who possess M.Ed can teach Higher Secondary lever. With the same logic those who have Post Graduate Degree after obtain M.Phil can be posted as Assistant Lecturer. Why there is a qualifying exam as NET. If one qualifies NET, will the Govt. provide Lecturer post. Even without M. Phil one can appear after qualifying M.A./M.Sc. then what is the use of M.Phil wasting another two years. The logic is irrational. A.Sowrirajan

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