National Legal Services Authority to organize Lok Adalats every month

On This Saturday (14th February, 2015) Cases Relating to Cheque Bounce and other Bank Recovery Matters will be Taken up 
The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) is organizing a National Lok Adalat on 14.02.2015, for cheque bounce cases and other bank recovery matters. This is the first in a series of National Lok Adalats to be organized every month on specific subject matters. The NALSA has drawn up a Calendar for this under the directions of the Hon’ble Mr. Justice T.S.Thakur, Judge, Supreme Court of India & Executive Chairman, NALSA and Hon’ble Mr. Justice H.L.Dattu, Chief Justice of India & Patron-in-Chief, NALSA. The aim is to reduce pendency as well as prevent additional litigation swathing the courts, where settlements are possible. As done earlier, these National Lok Adalats will be held across the country in the Supreme Court, the High Courts, District Courts and the Taluk level Courts. Their aim is to reduce the pendency in the Courts while at the same time to draw the attention of the public to the efficacious alternative dispute resolution method of Lok Adalat. Matters will be taken up at the Supreme Court by Four Lok Adalat Benches constituted of the Hon’ble sitting Judges and retired Judges of the Supreme Court of India. Due to the efforts being put across the country and with the cooperation of the Banks and other financial institutions, it is expected that a good number of cases will be settled. Once so disposed of by settlement, there will be no further appeal in these cases. Thus it will have a significant impact on the judicial system. In order to encourage people to opt for Lok Adalat settlements even before coming to the courts, pre-litigation cases will also be taken up in the National Lok Adalat. The settlement at pre-litigation stage would mean that many possible cases will not reach the courts. 

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