'We Want To Go Beyond ATS Report'

'We Want To Go Beyond ATS Report' 11 Feb 2009, 0410 hrs IST, TNN Text: CHANDIGARH: It is once bitten twice shy for UT IG SK Jain when it comes to reacting to the report sent by anti-terrorist squad (ATS) of Mumbai police. Jain told reporters on Tuesday that they want to probe more than what the report has suggested. He added that the report was weak enough to firmly point fingers at the particular officer in the police. “They have asked us to probe further and we would be doing the same,” he said. In contrast, the IG had taken action against the six UT cops immediately when their names appeared in the Saji report, during his tenure as zonal director of Narcotics Control Bureau here. The UT police is already facing criticism for blindly following the NCB report, especially when the seniors of NCB themselves stated on record that they knew nothing about it, and it was sent directly by Saji to the UT IG. In his report, Saji asked the UT IG to further probe on the matter at their end. However, the IG on Tuesday announced that they have asked for the entire interrogation report of the IPS officer from the Mumbai police to get to the bottom of the story. “In the report, they have used weak verbs like ‘may’, which does not lead to immediate actions,” said the IG. “This could be the interpretation of ATS officials, not the statement of Saji,” he stated, adding, “We have several questions to be put to Saji Mohan during the interrogation, and queries about this episode would be addressed to him as well,” said the IG. The cops have got the production warrants of the IPS for producing Saji on February 24 in the Chandigarh district court in the case relating to embezzlement of Rs 13.5 lakh from NCB funds.

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