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by  DAVID JOHNSON RUFUS.E  on  17 September 2017

I have passed my M.A., Degree thorough open university system in Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu in the year MAY-1999 after passing my +2 (Higher Secondary Course). Later I did my U.G. B.A., through Distance Education In Annamalai University in the year MAY-2014. In this connection I wish to know that my P.G.Degree is a valid degree as per Supreme Court Oreder. I have completed my basic degree(U.G) too,after finishig my Kindly answer my query with reference to SC ORDER.Thanking you Sir.

by  Madhu  on  18 September 2017

I understood your query, Unfortunately, at this stage, I don't have any Judgement regarding such case or what stand Supreme Court has taken in such cases 

If University is formed by Act of state legislature or parliament then degree will be valid 

But such cases regarding higher academic study always there remain some or other ambiguity. 

Take for eg. if you do graduation from open university without doing 12th , then you are qualified for exam of Public Commission, like Maharashtra Public Service Commission, even Union Public Service  commission I suppose allow but if you want to do LLB then not completing 12th and getting graduation degree from open university is not considered valid qualification for admission for  +3 LLB degree after graduation

So such cases and your problem have to be determined case to case and to specific problem now onward means  no one can give blanket order that it will work and will be valid just like traditional universities in India , Means if you have Mumbai Univiersity degree or Pune University degree no issue of  even thinking on that line but regarding open university all have to think and see to it that it fits in rules etc. or latest judgement regarding them 

by  DAVID JOHNSON RUFUS.E  on  20 September 2017

Respected Sir, Thanks for your reply against my query. I am herewith quoting Judgement of the Supreme court of India, in Civil Appeal Nos.4173,4189-4191 of 2008 dated 25.02.2009 for your kind perusal and your valuable opinion. The Judgement copy is  available in the Net. Kindly go through the same and reply. I also request you to kindly go through the G.O.(Ms).No116 P&A reforms(M) dept dated 18.08.2010 which is also available in the Net and  clarify the same

by  DAVID JOHNSON RUFUS.E  on  24 September 2017

It is really very disappointed that Nobody answering my quary eventhough I quoted SC case numbers. Expecting valuable opinion.

by  Madhu  on  25 September 2017

Will read your judgment which you quoted when free in day or two. But what is your problem? Problem is required to be defined then only steps can be decided and most imp. if you are not satisfied then you have no other option than to approach HC by filling appropriate writ and trying to get constitutional remedies  against authorities. Take for eg. I think some case of Punjab or so , one person never did 12 he gave some entrance test for graudation in Open university then he did LLB . The matter went up to Supreme Court , there Hon. SC held student require to do proper schooling till 10 then 12 then graduations then only he can do LLB , but for that student discretionary powers of Supreme court was used and his LLB was held valid and he can practice as Advocate this I read in judgment . Similarly if you state your problem then we can even think on that line to find the solution

by  Rodney Ashline  on  19 April 2018

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