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Official Liquidator shall ensure that irreversible can not be created regarding the amount paid by the purchaser

 06 December 2011

Heard Mr. Manish Bhatt, learned senior counsel, appearing with Mrs. Mauna Bhatt, learned advocate for the applicant, Ms. Yajnik, learned advocate for the respondent No.1-OL and Mr. Rutvij Bhatt, learned advocate for the respondent No.2. 2. From

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Violation of Direction issued by Director General is caused to penalty under section 43 of CCI Act 2002

 30 November 2011

Write Petition No 19760/2011 & Write Petition No 20485-89/2011 are filed under Article 226 & 227 of the constitution of India, praying to quash the notice dated 23.05.2011issued by the 2nd Respondent vide D, D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5 dated 15.03.2011an

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In termination of contract illegally party can only claim damages not for interim relief

 24 November 2011

The relevant facts are that in terms of the VOC dated 26th November 2010 the Petitioner was to provide range of services at three locations i.e., The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. These included distribution of visa/OCI card/PIO card/passport appli

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Sec 17 of SERFESI Act 2002 is only giving protection to the borrower against the steps taken by the lender under sec 13 on the basis of the case

 24 November 2011

A notice under Section 13 (2) was issued to the Petitioners on 20 January 2011 demanding an amount of Rs. 268 crores. The Petitioners raised objections on 14 March 2011 which were disposed of on 12 May 2011. Symbolic possession of the secured assets

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As per sec 11(6) of the Arbitration Act right to arbitrator is ceased after the expiry of periods only if person filed petition in the Court

 21 November 2011

In the present case, the Petitioner had first issued a legal notice to the MCD through its lawyer on 27th April 2010 in which, inter alia, the MCD was asked to appoint an Arbitrator in terms of the Agreement dated 12th October 2009 within seven days.

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Present of Arbitration clause in the Purchase Contract is enough to proof the existing of Arbitration Agreement

 18 November 2011

The petitioner supplied goods duly received by the respondent, without any demur in relation to the quantity and quality of the goods. The bills raised by the documents were accepted by the negotiating bankers. It is the case of the petitioner that i

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Passing of Interim order must be in complied with Rule 1 and 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908

 18 November 2011

The Government of Maharashtra, by Resolutions dated 16.10.1970 and 18.11.1974, had granted lease of certain plots of land to the defendant-Company at Backbay Reclamation, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, who was entitled and authorized to enter into transaction

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As per sec 10 of Special Court Act 1992 securities un registered disclosed in the Custodian cannot be allowed to be Registered in the name of the Custodian

 16 November 2011

The appellants, one late Harshad S. Mehta, their other family members and the corporate entities belonging to the family members had purchased more than 90 lakh shares in Apollo. Except for the holding of two family members, the entire holding came

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Freight received in excess should be returned to the person received from otherwise interest liability will raise

 16 November 2011

We shall be referring to the parties as per their description in the plaint.Plaintiff (respondent No.1) sought RFA(OS) 12/1997 decree in sum of `7,43,568.88 alleging that M/s.Freight Wings and Travels Pvt. Ltd., defendant No.2, M/s.Daga Air Agents,

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As per section 35A of the code award of compensatory costs in false and vexatious litigation, is subject to a ceiling of Rs.3,000

 07 November 2011

The appellant filed a memo dated 22.12.2009 stating that `25,50,000/- was incurred as advocates’ fees in the appeal. The respondents filed an affidavit dated 23.12.2009 stating that `45,28,000/- was spent as advocates’ fees in regard to the appeal. B

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