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Consumer Forum Slaps a fine of Rs 10,000/- to Consumer

 15 November 2017

On 30/10/2017 The District Consumer Forum Warangal passed an interesting judgment in the case CC/4/2017 (Ravichandra. D Vs Samsung Electronics). The DCF Warangal passed the above Judgment directing the Complainant (i.e) Consumer to pay Rs10,000

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Treatise on law of terms of contract of appointment

 03 January 2017

The Educational Appellate Tribunal under Karnataka Education Act 1983 in my considered opinion is well within its jurisdiction to declare the terms and condition No 3 in the appointment order as void illegal and unenforceable in an application filed

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Bombay High Court Judgement

 15 June 2016

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Rate of interest on delayed payment of duty as applicable during the impugned period - Issues therein

 17 May 2016

The Hon’ble CESTAT, Chennai held as under: - The Adjudicating Authority had rightly computed the interest amount from the due date till the date of payment in respect of demand for the month of January, 2011, by working out interest at 13% up to M

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1 year time limit to claim refund under Rule 5 of CCR reckoned from the date of receipt of export proceeds and not from date of export of services

 04 May 2016

The Hon’ble CESTAT, Bangalore held that although there is no specific 'relevant date' under Section 11B of the Excise Act to claimrefund of unutilized credit, but, that would not rule out applicability of Section 11B. Relevant date should be the date

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Rebate of Excise duty admissible on both inputs & final products

 04 May 2016

Hon’ble Apex Court held that it cannot be the intention of the Legislature to provide rebate only on one item i.e. either on inputs or final products. It was further held that giving such restrictive meaning to Rule 18 of the Excise Rules would not o

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Sodexo Meal Vouchers are not 'goods' within the meaning of Section 2(25) of the Act and, therefore, not liable for either Octroi or LBT

 18 December 2015

We are of the opinion that the judgment of the High Court has not discussed and decided the issue correctly and warrants interference. We, thus, allow these appeals and set aside the judgment of the High Court by holding that Sodexo Meal Vouchers are

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NJAC out after SC strikes down 99th Constitutional Amendment

 16 October 2015

The collegium system of judicial appointments is here to stay. The Supreme Court today declared the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC), and the Constitutional amendments involved, to be in violation of the Constitution of India.

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Stamp Act applicable to State of M. P. (Stamp Duty on POA when given to Non-Relative)

 13 August 2015

Judgement of Hon’ble Mr. Lodha (J) & Mr. Gokhale (J) in Civil Appeal No. 684/2004 State of MP v/s Rakesh Kohli delivered on May 11, 2012 w.r.t. Stamp Act applicable to State of M. P. (Stamp Duty on POA when given to Non-Relative)

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Urgent need for measures to checkmate prejudice to large sections of general public

 22 July 2015

Judgments of the higher court/s and/or the Apex Court are either per incuriam and/or stare-decisis and/or against the doctrine of Pith N Substance and/or Ultra Vires and/or otherwise untenable looking to the ground realities. Such judgments remain

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