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Wrote on 20 October 2015  

I could remember the proverb " andha bante rewariyan, phir phir apno ko det" after going through this decision.

Dipakkumar J Shah
Wrote on 17 October 2015  

But I would say that Court Justices should be inquired for wrong done by a complaint . Simply . Judgments are given after 38 years . What is the use of Justice , Judiciary and courts!!! Which can not dispense in so much of time !!!! I am fighting a case which is 21 years old a very bad abuse of Law by a company . Illegally and against the Provisions of the Companies Act , M C A is not doing nothing for all these years. Full of corruption for all these years.

spiti ranjan acharya
Wrote on 16 October 2015  

supreme court should maintain its own dignity and compromise with dignity would not be tolerable.finally it is proved.

spiti ranjan acharya
Wrote on 16 October 2015  

this is awesome

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