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register marriage

Posted by : Vijay Raj Mahajanon   16 June 2019
Yes you don't need parents consent for registered marriage under the Special Marriage Act,1954. You both need to be unmarried and of valid age of marriage with only 3 independent witnesses who may be any known people not necessarily your relatives.

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Legalities of recording a live conversation not on the phone

Posted by : spanishdesigirlon   16 June 2019

I am wondering the legalities of the following:

Is it legal to record a conversation you are having with someone in India?  The conversation is not being held over the telephone but in your office.  I have read the Telegraph Act and it only refers to phone converstations- however, I am wondering about live conversations. 

If it permissible in the court if one person knows the conversation is being recorded and they are the person that is recording the conversation? 

If it is legal can it be used in court?   

Are there any statutes or legal precedents where this was permitted? 

What is the legal procedure or law if any?  I only found the Telegraph Act. 

If it is not legal, can it still be admitted to court under special provisions?

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regarding central govt job resignation poilcy

Posted by : JBon   16 June 2019
I got a central govt job as a staff nurse in delhi in 2017 oct., i continued the job for 2 months and then i gave resignation letter because of some personal matter and i had to leave the job. i did not get my relieving yet. Now it is going to be 2 years in october 2019 and i want my job back. is it possible to get it back as my resignation was accepted but not releived yet.


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Best offer bg/sblc for lease or sale

Posted by : Darrenon   16 June 2019

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register marriage

Posted by : Blessa rachelon   16 June 2019
is there any possibility of doing register marriage without parents consent?

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check bouncing interim comphensation

Posted by : kulbhushan ranaon   16 June 2019
as per the new law of check bouncing ,i just want to know whether sec 143A has retrospective effect or not?

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