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Lending money to son

Posted by : SuperNuvoson   27 March 2017

Dear Experts,

  We are two brothers based in India. My mother is a widow and is based in India.

  My borther wants to buy property in Mumbai and wants to borrow money from my mother. He intends to return her money in due course of time.

 My questions are:

 1. What are the tax liablities for my mother when she borrows money to my brother?

 2. Can she claim tax rebates of any sort?

3. What is the best way to lend money for my mother? Gift deed?

Many thanks in advance!


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To run a business while doing a govt. job

Posted by : Dipankar Basakon   27 March 2017

So Sir ! No Government employee can be a entreprenuer and set a startup ??

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Seeking guidance to pursue further education

Posted by : Dipankar Basakon   27 March 2017

Thanks !! I will do the further as per your guidence


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Legally divorced.. but still ex wife filed another case

Posted by : Born Fighteron   27 March 2017

do not take defamation cases so seriously. There ae plenty filed daily for silly reasons. Hire a good advocate and prolong the process. She needs to have strong evidence to prove defamation.


My observation - Those who do not have any fame are the first to file defamation (convert this in hindi and have a good laugh ) 

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