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Law assignment help for uk, usa, and australia

Posted by : Chrison   21 February 2017

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Use of a questionnaire from a research article

Posted by : Bushraon   21 February 2017

Would the use by another person of a questionnaire contained in a research paper published in a foreign journal for data collection be a violation of the copyright act?

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How to file case on wife who did abortion before marriage.

Posted by : Prasadon   21 February 2017
If you have enough records fight it on merit or else quash the case by approaching high court. With your records, file a divorce case and get rid of her. Positive judgement from 498A will be an added advantage.

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Inter state water issue

Posted by : Democratic Indianon   21 February 2017

Originally posted by : Sh. P Suresh
The main difficulty is unlike other commodities, most people do not even know what is the quantity of water for what. Most people lavish it off.  

Yes what you are saying is truth but only half truth. But half truth is more dangerous then a complete lie. Those who lavish off water are the ones who get the water for free. Before 1947, the non riparian states had to pay for water because justice demands to pay for river waters. This happens all over the world. But when British left, power was transferred to hands of tyrants, they made non riparian states to not pay for water because of vote bank politics. In Punjab, farmers have to pay for river waters, have to pay for tube well water have to pay for electricity generated from their river waters. But those states getting free water or electricity from that water, they lavish it off because they do not have to pay for the lavishment. If you make these states pay, they will understand the value of water. Whenever anything is free, it is always wasted and lavished. This is the universal truth.

Originally posted by : Sh. P Suresh
Rivers do not flow in one district / state. It flows across Nations as well. It is pertinent to ponder as to whether it is possible to have any fixed norm for water generation, utilisation, sharing etc.

it is very much possible because internationally and universally accepted Riparian laws are very clear. It is only the question of lack of honesty and good faith to implement the laws honestly in good faith. If one does not have honesty and thinks himself to be over clever, it is the beginning of problems. And that is exactly what is happening.

Originally posted by : Sh. P Suresh
  If State - A is a riparian state & assers that it is its right to use all the water. The other state/s could then pose challenges: No water should overflow under any circumstance. Water flowing into their states should be of this quality etc etc.

It is not a question of mere assertion of a riparian state but a matter of basic human right of riparian state, a matter of universally accepted riparian laws. Non riparian states have zero right to claim water of some other state. Similarly non riparian states have zero locus standi on overflow of river waters because the damage by overflow is done to the riparian state. Similarly non riparian states have no locus standi to demand "quality water" when they are not paying for it. If they find quality of free water bad, nobody is forcing them to take that water, they are free not to receive that water.

Originally posted by : Sh. P Suresh
So, let past not be blamed.  

If past injustice is allowed to be forgotten, you are supporting injustice and legitimizing it, strengthening foundations of injustice. Every tyrant gives the plea to "forget past" because he is afraid of facing justice. "Forget past" is the last defense of a tyrant.

“The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting” - Czech writer Milan Kundera

Originally posted by : Sh. P Suresh
State - A gives water. But State -A needs something else which is not available in its region. Handling huge water flow / requirements is not any easy task. So, let the spirit of cooperation be amongst prime considerations. If India strives sincerely, it would enable leadership position & enable it to help communities in regions that were prosperous in earlier times regain their glory! Science & technology could do wonders. Are we prepared to work, cooperate? What is the quality of cooperation?

The water of State A is forcibly given for free. But when State A needs something else, it has to pay for it. What is this? Cooperation is a two way traffic and not a one way traffic. Spirit of cooperation works only when there is justice, it cannot work with injustice.


There is another fact to these kind of so called "national problems" that are also directly related to water shortage problem. It is unchecked rising population of "Hindu, Hindi, Hindustan" belt States and migration of such population into non Hindi speaking States. In other words these States must put their own house in order instead of forcibly encroaching or stealing natural and economic resources of non Hindi speaking States. It has been highlighted by Dr. Garga Chatterjee, quoting a few of his views and facts highlighted by him below -


"However, Singh claimed that the Indian Union "adds population equal to Australia every year". That is also true but only partially. There are only six states with a TFR higher than the national average of 2.34 — who add so much population that they reverse the first world level TFRs of West Bengal and states that form the Deccan peninsula. They are Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. All of them have Hindi as the primary official language, I mention that because the language ties them into a cultural sphere that is the source of the so-called "national problem". Thus Singh’s "national" problem is a Hindi-belt problem. Hence, if solutions are to be sought, it is to be sought by breaking it down to these political-cultural units and then identify what exactly about them is problematic. And that is where it gets tricky.


This Hindi-belt population growth is a drag on the meagre resources of the economy, whose revenues are disproportionately generated by states who do not have a population problem. Moreover, when Hindi-belt problems arise, what Delhi does is transfer huge funds from non-Hindi states to Hindi states to solve a Hindi-belt problem. It is also useful to see why this problem becomes a "national problem" in Singh’s mind. The six problem states contributed to 60% of the seats that the BJP won in 2014, while seat-wise, all the seats in these states (not only those won by the BJP) make-up less than 37% of the total number of Lok Sabha seats. This means that the problem states have an undue hold on the composition of the Union legislature. Hence, it is not unnatural that this disproportionate hold on the Union government leads its functionaries to use the "idea of India" and "nation" to falsely generalise the problems and then devise ways for the non-problem states to pick up the bill when it comes to paying for the solution to such problems.


There is another aspect to this. Since no internal migration controls exist between the states of the Indian Union, the economic and social gains that come with a low TFR are denied to the low TFR states. The high TFR states thus send across people to low TFR states, thus burdening low TFR states with the problem of high TFR states that Giriraj mischaracterised as a "national" one. In fact, such is the scale of the problem that among the top 10 linguistic groups in the Indian Union only Hindi-speaking population's percentage as a proportion of the total population of the Indian Union has increased every decade for the last 5 decades. Apart from the economic costs, this aspect along with uncontrolled migration has grave consequences for the distinct socio-cultural fabric of almost all non-Hindi states. The problem does not speak its name due to political correctness, but it is so acute that NDA partner Telugu Desam Party’s supremo and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has highlighted the TFR differences as a huge source of the problem.

Unlike popular believe, Muslim population growth rate is lesser than Hindus in six of the high population growth states in India. AFP


However, Singh’s apparently sudden observations on "population explosion" have a more sinister dog-whistle element. Because, just two months before voicing his concerns about "population explosion", Singh had suggested that Hindus should increase their population by producing more children. Thus, perhaps what he had in mind was a Muslim population growth issue that he chose to couch in terms of a "national problem". However, Giriraj Singh doesn’t know, perhaps due to his Hindi-belt centric view of his “nation”, that the Muslim population growth rates in most non-Hindi states are lower than the Hindu population growth rates of the six main Hindi belt states. Thus, if we combine his October prescriptttion and his December concern with actual population growth trends, the only population explosion that might please Giriraj Singh is that of Hindi-speaking Hindus, given that group also happens to be the BJP’s primary support base.


The false generalisation of Hindi-belt problems as "national" problems goes beyond this specific episode. Take the example of Indo-Pak rivalry. It is not uniformly popular. There are anti-Pak Hindi films but no one has heard of an anti-Pak Bhojpuri or Bangla film. There simply is no market for it. More often than not, looking at things always from an Indian Union-wide perspective hides more than it reveals about the question at hand. This was also evident during the recent English New Year molestation cases in Bengaluru and Delhi. Following those unfortunate events, media was abuzz with the talk about the behaviour of "Indian" men in urban centres. Delhi is so off the charts compared to other major metros (which happen to be non-Hindi speaking majority) when it comes to the rate of reported rape, stalking, child rape, abduction, workplace s*xual harassment, etc, that a characterization of the men in Kolkata or Chennai (both cities whose reported rape rates are more than 20 times lesser than Delhi!) in light of the behaviour of men in Delhi is doing them a huge disservice in front of the world.


Yes, rapes occur everywhere and one rape is a rape too many. And rape is a common global problem and so is patriarchy, but attitudes differ and so do the consequences due to those differences. Delhi with a reported rape rate that is 47 times greater than the rate of Kolkata and 9 times greater than the rate in Bengaluru do not share the same set of problems. Because, rates matter. Because it means that a woman in Delhi is 47 times more likely to get raped than a woman in Kolkata. And hence, it is more useful to talk about Delhi’s men separately from Kolkata or Chennai’s men. Because if we mischaracterise the problem under the garb of "Indian men" that puts Haryana and Mizoram in one basket, we will end up advocating a similar set of solutions for men who rape at a rate 47 times higher.


The idea of "national" needs to be relooked in the face of the real differences in the real world. Decentralised policymaking, which in turn means state specific policymaking, can lead to maximum benefits out of policy interventions. However, from the tendencies of the present Union government through its imposition of uniform policies via Delhi-based technocratic bodies like Niti Ayog, it is clear that in its pursuit of the "national", it has anything but the real people and their real differences in mind. This has to be rationally countered by pointing to the diverse realities and trajectories of the various states of the Indian Union. So, next time someone tells you about something national, ask him or her to break it down to the level of states and then make your own conclusions."



Dr. Garga Chatterjee writes on number of websites and also has his blog. One may search for "Garga Chatterjee" on internet.

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Covering of balcony for safety reasons.

Posted by : Aditya Harshvardhanon   21 February 2017
Thanks for ur prompt reply sir.
There are two reasons to cover my balcony space as my son is 2.5 yrs old who intend to throw things out and tries to climb chairs in the balcony. At times it is very scary.
Second thing is my old aged parents who are asthmatic and having severe allergy from dust and pollution .
Moreover covring balcony doesn't spoils asthetic value of buildings specially when builder has covered ground floor with the same kind of glass pannel.
Kindly suggest
Warm regards

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Revoking Settlement Gift Deed.

Posted by : Adv Akhtar Ali Sheikhon   21 February 2017

Does the deed mention that he has handed over possession of the property to you too? In other words do you have the exclusive possession?

You say that he is enjoying the rent of the property that implies that he has not given you the absolute right over the property.

It seems to be a border line case  if he sues you for cancellation of deed His  only defence would be that He has not handed over the possession of the property to you and hence the gift is invalid and further that the rent is still enjoyed by him. In any case it will be a very lengthy litigation.


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Can a partnership firm be acquired by private limited company?

Posted by : Asedon   21 February 2017
Can a partnership firm be acquired by a private limited company?

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Land Registration

Posted by : Adv. K.S.A.Narasimha Raoon   21 February 2017

Dear EJ,

It is not clear, whether your aunt is ready for partition or not.

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Property law

Posted by : Rahulon   21 February 2017

Mr. Gupta , Can you explain it a bit ? I didnt understand what exactly you mean you say - Thanks

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How to file case on wife who did abortion before marriage.

Posted by : Abhi_Mechanicalon   21 February 2017

Hi All,


I have all details of my wife who did abortion before marriage. I have details of doctor who involved in her abortion. She cheated and betrayed me. I have discussed with advocate to file case on her, doctor, her parents and relatives who cheated us. 


When I discussed with advocates, then few told me that it will come under IPC 406 and few told me that it will come under IPC 420. Even when I went in police to registered case against her and her parents, then police told me that can't registered FIR. Instead of that police informed her about it. Then she filed false 498A and DV case against me.


Please let me know what to do in such situation.  




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Divorced wife is represeting as stil wife

Posted by : Helping Hand !on   21 February 2017

Anyway. For the current problem, you need to give one advertisement in local newspaper where she is making use of your name as wife of so and so etc.  And get stay order from High Court regarding this.  Mostly as your ex wife is in village why dont you simply stop visiting the village?  Find someone else and remarry?

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Loan recovery summons from Bank

Posted by : rajeev sharmaon   21 February 2017

You failed to honour OTS. In such case the loan waived in OTS is also revived.

The fact of it being time barred, limits the right of bank of taking any recovery proceedings against you, that too in case the outstanding loan was not demanded by bank from the borrower . It does not bar the claim of the bank.

Bank may report the matter to CIBIL and you wil be recorded as defaulter , your CIBIL rating will come down and you will not be able to take any loan in future.

S better approch bank and sort out he matter.

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Definition or meaning of autonomous body/institute

Posted by : Sethuramanon   21 February 2017

Is Cognizant Technology Solutions an autonomous body?? Could anyone help me

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No money, no problem. justice is justice

Posted by : thelawassiston   21 February 2017

Good information.

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Wife share household in domestic violence act

Posted by : Helping Hand !on   21 February 2017

Dont you have a advocate?  You are behaving very childish.  When wife has already got Residence and Protection orders from court, its time to consult advocate locally.  Not obeying court order will attract warrant and non bailable warrant respectively.  Dont get caught, secure anticipatory bail for yourself and your mom.  Next thing is you go appeal in High Court against the order which your wife got.  DV case is dangerous.  Dont take it lightly.

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Covering of balcony for safety reasons.

Posted by : Adv. K.S.A.Narasimha Raoon   21 February 2017

Dear Aditya, 

Balcony is an open area as per the Plans and they shall not be covered.

If you can prove that there is no safety to your residence through that balcony, then you can cover the balcony and fight the litigation with the society members. However, you can't change the facet of the building. 



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City master plan road through residential plot in hyderabad

Posted by : Adv. K.S.A.Narasimha Raoon   21 February 2017

Dear Learnlaw,

After going through the terms and conditions of the Development Agreement,

I can suggest you the appropriate relief, you can seek from the Landlord. 

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Sale deed cancelation case

Posted by : Adv Akhtar Ali Sheikhon   21 February 2017

The cheque bounced?

If so you may be in trouble unless his claim is barred by limitation .

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Assignment help from uk expert

Posted by : MieshaTateon   21 February 2017

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Divorced wife is represeting as stil wife

Posted by : sagar jadhavon   21 February 2017

also check

it was my mother only

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