sbi cards playing foul game. any help will be appreciated

Hi all the lawyers, judges and experienced law makers out there,

This has happened 3 years back regarding a false payment claim from the sbi credit cards for Rs 800 and now it has increased to Rs. 24,000(thanks to their exponential increasing interest rate). They called over phone and they are using abusive language. We have made final settlement towards whatever we have to owe them. but this is a false claim, and the sbi cards people are sending monthly statements of the increased amount. 

We had written to the RBI ombudsman regarding this and they called us for hearing, and they told that the sbi cards has told them that we have to pay this, but they told its our wish whether to pay it or not.

If there are any people with helping mentality in here, please let us know how to put an end to this.



The Insurance agency ply the role debiting the sbi cards.But they are not serious about the balances.Even legal action is threatened, but they give up if stiff opposition is made.

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Sugandh, You have mentioned that a false claim was made by SBI however the details of the false claims are not given in your question. Apparently it is a claim for repayment of any purchases which you never made? if that is the case then the best way of going around this is to identify the transacation of purchase where this claim first originated and contest it first with the SBI itself in writing. if you do not get any positive response within 2 weeks this should be referred to banking ombudsman along with your original contest against the claim. it seems that you have already done the above mentioned and the case is under investigation with banking ombudsmen. you can continue to contest the claim without paying as suggested by banking ombudsmen till the case is finally decided/settled/agreed. It is very important here to identify the false transaction and contest it with SBI.

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We were normal users of credit card, although during a festive occasion we bought some electronic items via credit purchase. We made a purchase of Rs.  27,000 in one month, and after converting it into flexi pay, we made another purchase of Rs. 8,000 the next month. The cheque for the remaining was remitted on 1nd of a month, due date being 10th  but it was entered on the transaction as 11th of that month. The false charges were incurred for interest exceeding credit limit of Rs. 30000 and also late payment charges which accounted for about 800 rupees. If they had counted that cheque before the due date period these charges would not have come, neither the credit limit exceeded problem nor the late payment charges. They told us that they would reduce that as it might have occured due to a delay in the bank. We still did not get this amount cleared in the next statement. So we told that only after clearing the accounts we'd use the card or pay this. They then told us to clear off the current dues and they would reduce this amount. We paid all our dues except this excess amount that they have charged us and we stopped using credit card as well. They entered this amount towards their dues payment, and so still this excess amount was brought forward as pending dues, which increased over the years and came upto Rs 24000 over 3 years period. We have paid an amount about Rs 300 in between when the cliam was for Rs 800 towards the final settlement charges and they told us that they wont send us statements again.. but it came every month, with the increased amount. The RBI ombudsman told us that they cannot entertain the claim of sbi cards as this doesn't come under their authority and told us that its our wish whether to pay this or not. Although for using such rubbish language over phone and threatening us by using bad language by the sbi cards, we had decided to goto court, still after searching the internet we found that the sbi cards are having this behaviour towards its customers. But are irritated by these monthly statements, why do they send us bills for what we dont have to give them. ?? we just want to put an end to this.

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This is a delayed response. I suppose you may have already got answers.

Have you written directly to the Head of Cards stating the incorrect debit ?

If you have the copies of the written communication with acknowledgements of receipt like courier receipt or received stamp from Bank official then the Bank is obligated to give you a reply. If they have not replied and they continue to harass you then they are at fault.

If there is any recovery agent doing the rounds and harassing you file a FIR with the police.

If your communication with the Bank is clear you can be without paying it and keep contesting it with the Banking Ombudsmen and SBI. Remember clear written communication is very important especially when dealing with Banks.

Do not go to Consumer Courts as it will just keep dragging and you'll land up spending more than what you owe SBI


What is meaning of realization of  cheque ? S.B.I.cradit card received payments against dishonored cheque.


You should file a case in District ConsumerRedressel forum against S.B.I.Card for non compliance of agreement under which they provide the services and for undue harassment.




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