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Promissory note

Posted by : Azhagananth   24 June 2017

1.  It should signed be two witnesses, no need of attestation from document writers/Notaries. the person capable of understaning the transaction is sufficient to affix his signature as witness and make the author of the Pronote.
2. if execution is denied then, witness is necessary to prove the transaction.

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Counter dv case domestic violence case

Posted by : Sachin   24 June 2017

Originally posted by : SS Singh
I am Anita and My sister in law has filed DV Case against, My brother (her husband), My mother( her saasu ) and me (her nanand)

My question is

1. Can I and my mother file counter dv case against her ?

2. Do we need to make my brother co-accused in counter dv case ?

3. Can we claim maintaince in counter Dv case, if yes the from whome brother & My sister in law ?

4. Can we file Quashing Application in High Court to get our names removed from DV Filed by her



The best solution is to do "nothing".

Presence of all the respondents in DV Act case is not necessary. Respondent other than the husband need not to go at hearing, let the court declare the other respondents exparty. and husband of complainant will face the case on merit.


Do not harras yourself by going to HC or filing counter case 

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What if the opposite party has evidence that 498A is false

Posted by : Sachin   24 June 2017

Originally posted by : Anjan Kumar Pal
I am a victim of false 498A and have clear evidence that of false 498A . However the court proceedings is going on since April'2015. What I have to do now ? Can I move to High Court now, or wait for judgement from lower court ?


You can file for quashing u/s 482 CrPC in HC

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Cibil enquiry without consent

Posted by : Vijay   24 June 2017

A big financial lending company has made a couple of inquiries for personal loans on CIBIL without my consent. They have misused my sensitive PAN information for the same. Because of many CIBIL inquiries, many banks are rejecting me from issuing credit cards. It's a breach, is it worth a suit against the company?

Thank you



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Can i do ba from ignou while doing 5 yrs integrated llb

Posted by : pradip   24 June 2017


I am pursuing 5 yrs integrated BA LLB regular course from a very reputed deemed university, Pune, Maharashtra (now 2nd year). My question is that "Can I join this accademic for  3 yrs BA course from IGNOU while doing my BA LLB ?

This is the restriction mentioned by Bar Council of India. Is this applicable for me also or not?. It is not clear from below about the integrated course.

IF any body have clear idea about this, please advice me.

"6. Prohibition to register for two regular courses of study

No student shall be allowed to simultaneously register for a law degree
program with any other graduate or postgraduate or certificate course run by the
same or any other University or an Institute for academic or professional
learning excepting in the integrated degree program of the same institution.
Provided that any short period part time certificate course on language,
computer science or computer application of an Institute or any course run by a
Centre for Distance Learning of a University however, shall be excepted

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False dowry case

Posted by : Khalid Khan   24 June 2017

very big question, friend no one is going to read so big question for u in free and answer u

please consult local lawyer or write few question in summary format

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Child miscarriage consumer case or no ?

Posted by : Khalid Khan   24 June 2017

My wife was 9 weeks pregnent, the lift in our building is closed since 6 months, due to no availability of lift she climed staircase, due to rainny season they were wet with water, my wife slipped and falled on staircase and one week later we found that feoteus was dead

can we file consumer case against society for not maintaining lift in building ??

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Father in law torturing

Posted by : Khalid Khan   24 June 2017

Then u have  options

1. Keep the husband and ur sister in ur own house 

2. Ask ur sister to withdraw the case and ask for forgiveness for in laws

3. ask u sister to leave her husband  take divorce and start a new life

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Property inheritance of a childless muslim woman

Posted by : Khalid Khan   24 June 2017

has that widow left a WILL  ???

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Shop lingerie, bra, panties @

Posted by : Khalid Khan   24 June 2017

Dear Sir

Block this person

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Do fir treated as criminal proceeding for passport

Posted by : Khalid Khan   24 June 2017

yes u should mention yes criminal proceedings pending and file misc. application for permission in the court which granted u bail

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False dowry case after breakup of engagement

Posted by : Khalid Khan   24 June 2017

dear friend, no one is going to read ur so big query, just write ur question in small summary format, for so big query u need to consult a lawyer

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How to get second marriage registered in delhi as per muslim

Posted by : Khalid Khan   24 June 2017

since u did divorce on stamp paper notary, then y dont u just do nikah and then get the nikah nama notrized, that legal go ahead

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Slum dweller declared not eligible by dy collector in annex2

Posted by : Madhu   24 June 2017

Sorry they may have caught you or denied you because you have other accomodation on rental basis thus you are not staying in Slum Area thus not eligibile for free accomodation. This can be reason. Case has to be presented but if you are caught having two houses then sorry chances are less , But if you want to try then approach Adv who deals in such matter  


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Land dispute - removal of temporary injunction

Posted by : Sanjeev Srivastava   24 June 2017

Background of a civil court case

 A Lady inherited her husband’s share of an ancestral agricultural land after the death of her husband in 1965.

August 2008-              The lady died.

May 2009 -      After the death of the lady, other shareholders of the ancestral agricultural land i.e. the nephews of the lady, got the property transferred in their names by wrongly declaring in the Revenue Court that they are the closest relative and the lady has no daughters or sons whereas the lady has three daughters as her natural and legal heirs.

May 2010- An objections was filed by the daughters of the lady in the revenue court.

June 2010- Names of other parties were cancelled and daughters’ names were recorded in the revenue records by the virtue of a registered will written by the lady in favour of her daughters which specifies the equal distribution of the lady’s property among her three daughters only.

June 2010- Other party filed an application for restoration of their names.

April 2013- Their restoration application was rejected by the revenue court.

April 2013 – They filed a civil case, demanding

  1. Cancellation of Will, pleading that the lady was forced to write the Will in favour of her daughters.
  2. Injunction on the lady’s land till the time the court decides the authenticity of the Will.

July 2013 -  The court imposed a temporary injunction on the land; such that the daughters can  not utilize/sell/donate the lady’s land.


Present Status: The daughters are fighting the case for removal of T.I.  It is taking too long as other party i.e. the Nephews are applying delaying tactics.

 Kindly advise, if the daughters request to the court that cancel the Will as demanded by the other party as Will or No Will the daughters are the only natural and legal heirs to the lady and then the court has to decide only for the Injunctions. As other parties are not the legal heirs court can to impose injunction on the land and deprive the daughters of their rights on their mother's property.

Will this step not shorten the judicial process as the court has to decide only for the Injunction?

An early response will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

With Regards,


Sanjeev Srivastava

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How to get second marriage registered in delhi as per muslim

Posted by : Harrassed   24 June 2017

Dear Experts,

Could you please let me help me to know how to get registered second marriage in delhi.As first marriage was registered through mariage registrar (SDM Office) and it ended by mutual consent on notary paper with witnessess.

Now the problem is that marriage registrar is still having records of first marriage and to get second marriage registered i need to submit divorce decree and since first marriage  was ended through notary on stamp paper with witnessess.should i apply in court to get divorce decree or this notary paper is sufficient to submit along with mariage registration documents.

Kindly let me know how to proceed on this or is there any lawyer available in karkardoom court who can help me in this.

Marriage is done as per muslim.





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Is hiring a private detective legal

Posted by : P. Venu   24 June 2017

It may be legal, but less than ethical.

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Mental Harassment

Posted by : Perfect Solutions   24 June 2017

Originally posted by : Kumar Doab
@ Perfect Solutions,

You can neither ask nor question anyone on anyhting.

Having made it clear once for all you will limit your posts till permitted at LCI to your posts only.

Elders of her family, colleagues, employee’s union leaders,  retired employee........... her own and known and close, local senior counsel of unshakable repute and integrity specializing in concerned field of law ( e.g; labor/service matters as in your case),lawful authority persons that are her own and known and close……………..shall mind her interest.



Mr. Kumar.

I asked simply to enhance my knowledge and also that the author of the problem could also be benefited by your clarification. My intention was only to correct myself about my views as per your perception, if you have any solid stand behind your advice. However, I don't mind, if you feel any hesitation to clarify your stand or you don't have anything to clear the cloud.

But, I  wonder on your dictat aimed at me, as you stated, "You can neither ask nor question anyone on anyhting." What I understand, only the owner of the website can issue such a dictat that too as ageneral term through the TOC for the use of the website. If I am not wrong, you have not mentioned anywhere in your profile that you are the owner of this portal..

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Please advise if we failed in 498a what we do?

Posted by : Brother2017   24 June 2017

23-June disposed the case against to us by that magistrate... and mention that all the withness are belongs to petitioner's relatives and all the things mention in case doubtable and hence the case is disclosed.
As mention in previous post i have submetted the written proofs of 100/- non-judiciary stamp, Decree copies of
MC and DVC & RTI information about why he is suspended from his job but all these thing seen by magistrate
but finally did unfavour result... Totally the case deal by that 
magistrate in one way(no Public Prosecutor in that court)... if we go for appeal against the JUDGEMENT with all these things we get any result or no use
can you suggest somthing?


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Harassment from kotak appointed collection agency for citifi

Posted by : P. Venu   24 June 2017

It appears that you have not disclosed the complete facts.

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