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If someone could give an opinion ....

I am assisting  an i-tax consultant as an employee ..since last 4 years , I have the educational qualification ....represented before assessing officer - i-tax.... I want to get myself registered with i-tax department as a practitioner ....can I do that and how ??

Also  I  earn some commission income as a part - time insurance advisor....  

If I get registered with the I-tax department as a practitioner ... will I have to stop my insurance business or can i continue both .... please help ??



for registration as a income tax practitioner you must have possess required qualification as per sec. 288 (a)  of income tax act 1961.and you must appear before income tax offier in minimum two cases. then you are entitled to registered yourself as a income tax practitioner.

for registration you have apply in form no. 39 along with all documentary evidence.

But if you wants to apply for registration as a tax practitioner then you must have surrendered your license of lnsurace business. you cannot do both the business at a time in your name.



You can continue your insurance business with registered income tax practitioner license. All you have to do, is, just apply for a PART TIME Licence for Insurance Agent from IRDA (you might have enrolled as full-time insurance advisor). If you already have a Part Time License from IRDA as Insurance Advisor - then it is OK.

In none of the Direct/Indirect Tax Acts, there is a restriction of such.


I have corrected my mistake. and thanks to Mr. Raja for updating my knowledge. I agreed with Mr. Raja.

Advocate practising tax advisor

Sectinh 288 enumerates who could be authorised representative of an assessee. The commisisoner of Income tax ia an authrority who can grant the certificate of practice as Tax consultant to any applicants who possess requisite qualtification/ See rule 54 of Income tax Rules and form No.39 for application fo registration as authorised income tax practioner and rule 55 and form no.40 for Form of certificate by Commisoner of Income tax for registration of authriose representative.

If you are a law degeree holder you can practice by virture of certificate issued by the Bar council of india.if you are CA you can practice by virtue of your membership. If you are a mere graduate of commerce or accountant you have to apply before Commisioner of Incometax of the respective area where you file your individual return for obtaining such certificate of practice from Commissioner of You have to fill up the form No.39 and enclose the testimonials and also minimum details of two tax cases that you have represented either alone or with your senior practioner. A certificate to that effect should be obtained from your senior.

On receiving the certificate of Commmissiiosnr you can be a authorise tax consultant.




I agree with Mr. Sathyan.A.R. But there is no bar for doing life insurance adivisory


can any one tell me, to start as income tax practioner what is requirement? my qualification is, L.Lb , CA-inter. I have not yet enrolled in Bar council. My friend told me that if I get enrolled an an advocate then I am allowed to practice IT related specially accounts part of the job. Is that true?



Either you have to take registration from the Commissioner of Income TAx as an Income Tax Practitioner . Or else  youhave to  take enrolment in Bar Council as an Advocate, If you enrolled as an Advocate,you need not have any other registration. you can practice at any court in India and also you can practice as an Income Tax Practitioner doing accounting service. Also you can practice as a sales tax practitioner. Advocate is a legal representative under the Income Tax Act and Vat Act.

Office - Accounts

  • I am ( H) and wooking profession as accounts.Can you tell me Can i will be Income Tax Practitioner
  • If yes than what is the procudure?I am also doing at a cource in Income tax cousce for bengal Tax council.
  • Please help me

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Hello, I am B A graduate person. I want to do ITP (income tax practitioner ) at home based. So, Please anyone give me details for the same ASAP.

Thank you very much.




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