false firs

We r 3 brothers.I being youngest. Our 2nd brother is a known fradulent goon of area.He has feed same to his adult sons.Foe example he has digested rs 24 lack of Kohinoor Enterprises from 1998.Propriator of Kohinoor Ent is Current education minister of State. From last few years our 2nd (middle) brother is trying to grab my property. Most unfortunate part is that our father was physically corrupted by his 2nd daughter in law. He too tries to give all our property including my mothers property to 2nd DIL. As 2nd brother has 2 adult sons so he forcibly snatched my Shop godown and goods.I have purchased my residential house from my 2 brothers for which I have complete documentation.From last 6 months 2nd brother along with his family was trying to force out us from my purchased residential house through continous violence .I went continously to Police but they neither investigated matter nor they filed FIR. Recently all these goons attacted me on roadside fortunately some byepasser had made video of that brutal act.And He gave it to me.I went police station showed them video now they felt compeled to file an FIR.Earleir when police was not acting on my repeated requests I asked them Y dont u take action .I was asked to pay rs 1 lack as bribe but I refused.Some media men come to my resque and took me to police station and said in front of media that they r demanding rs 1 lack.This was the reason to initiate attrocities to me and my family by police.Just on 2nd day of FIR filed by me police filed FIR against me and my elder brother and my old aged mother.And police started hunting us and started raids on our residence.My elder brother is highly honest and respectable person. 2nd brother and father offered him half of property for withdrawing moral support to me but he refused.Bcz of this police along with these goons made him target too. We took anticipatory bail from court.Then we went to SSP, he assured us for proper investigation.He directed SHO to arrest 2nd brother who remained underground for 3 days.We were called to SSP office for 6 times in 3 days with witnesses and videographic evidence .Finally SSP called SHO and SHO told him something and we were called to police station on evening of 3rd day along with witnesses and evidence.I felt fowl smell due to 2 reasons first that facial exspression of SSP abruptly changed 2nd that 2nd brother who was underground got visible and my daughter saw him with enough of cash in his hand and his mood two was relaxed. Just we entered police station 2nd brother started abusing us.We were asked to wait for SSP. When SSP came he did not heard a single word from us or our witnesses but called munshi and asked him to put me and elder brother along with witnesses in lockup and 2nd brother and father was abusing us in front of SSP.When munshi was taking our belongings I motivated him to put free witnesses and my mother but he did not agree for releving my elder brother.We were extremely torchered in lock up.Just during 2nd evening I suffered attack of severe colic but police did not permit treatment .It was after 18 hours police took me to hospital when they feel that I am at highest risk. Dr retained me for a week.Police was not providing details of accusations against us to delay our bail.My mother protested for my treatment she was dragged on rough surface by police men.My elder brother was extremely torchered for 6 days till we were bailed out.Even to implement we were looted through bribe. During this 3 FIRs had been fabricated against us under ipc 452 307 336 341 323 in different dates. As I have ample evidence videographic and witnesses against these fabricated FIRs and in favour of attrocities against us by both police and opposite party.Sir how shall I proceed. I recall here that JK is a police state bcz of militancy and police can label anyone with anything. Regards



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