Help !!!my wife threatning me for 498a

Help wife Destroying ma family...!

hi... plz help me what should i do... i got married in feb 2011... now about 6 -7 months... my wife creating lots of problem... and now she is threatning me and my parents for 498A dowry case.... and she is forcing me by her activities to Suicide.... i love my parents and i cant see them in jail... i dont hv enough money to fight court case... i dont hv ny solution except suicide... i m gonna mad... give me solution plz plz plz ...i dont hv enough time..... 

Additional Details

i didn't take anything in dowry... its a False case....
i cant divorce her... if i do she ll be file a case (False) in court that i give her harassment, torchar, i demanded money, dowry etc.. i got stuck in this situation.... she insult me and my parents in front of everyone and i have to see... i shame on myself coz i cant do anything.... i tried to talk with her but she never want to solve it out... she forgets her own words also in just a min... she lie (Emotional Blackmail) every time for gather sympathy of others (sorry for my English)... i have nobody to explain my truth... she don't have even any complain ... she and her mother wants to me split with my family... means i hv to leave my home and go with her... without any question....
give me some tips for defance... they hvn't file case till now....
i dont know why she is doing that....

It is difficult to believe upon your story of innocence. You might be haivng knwoeldge of her such mild reaction. Anyway, you shall have to persuade her and shall have to adjust her according to your family but with full love and regard. In modern time, daughters-in-law are not fond to bear their parents in law and this remains the only reason of family disputes. It is better to part with family for the sake of coming long and tedious harassment of all type including jail for parents etc.



u need to decide now whether to go ahead or call it a day its not clear what u want then get bck to me


i want to fight with them.. so she cant be able to destroy others life....

i want to know what can i do for protest...according to law...


@mr.rajkumar makkad... sir this is all my truth... wether u believe it or not...

they all r traped me... u r right it is dificult to believe... they r pshyco... i m too confused coz i know they r pshyco with a great mind... i only know thats some how they r traping me... and i am here for the solution...will u plz help me.. tell what can i do...?

Fighting Frivolous 498A case

Why dont you say her to once on the top of your voice. Do whatever you can. I will fight all the cases whatever may be the case and see the expression ?

You have to be head strong and immune to emotions and feelings while dealing with such creatures.

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Suggestions by Never Give up is a best one.

Don't afraid and challenge them do whatever they want to do.

If you are innocent, No one can harm you.

Maximum to maximum, You left your place & live secretely. When case starts in PS or in court.

Best of luck, Bahut hain iss duniya main aap jaise. Jinme ek ginti hamaari bhi hain.



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get sms record by using recording cell. Tell her when you have given me dowr? what is amount? how you have paid? who are witness? Also tell her to give dowry is an offence and you never gave it to me and I have not taken at all. If you harras mi I will make police complaint. After recording go to nice sleep and do not respond her. She will come in right tract after some days.


Pl. note that it is not easy to prove that you have received dowry. Let her do anything you will succeed if you are true and pleas accordingly.


Did you try talking to Save Indian Family (SIF) Volunteers in your city.SIF is a non governmental organisation fighting against gender biased laws.You may search in google for their contact numbers.




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