adopted vs biological parent

my wife's daughter from first marriage is adopted by my wife's parents 17yrs back formally. all the papers indicate her parents as my wife's parents. but my wife and her daughter and her parents stayed together until recently when we married. what are the legal obligation of my wife towards her biological daughter? her daughter now stay with us forcing us to live seperate for everything. on th other hand my children from first wife stay with my first wife. my second wife doesn't let me meet my children or my parents. discussion are not helping as they end up very abusive and torture. can a Hindu women deny access of my children/parents? what are the legal option I have?

Ms Shashi nice language. thanks though. Himalaya will be best. 😀

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Using filthy words is not the monopoly of Experts and not indicative of wisdom.


Preaching is double edged sword.

No, madam, I am an Indian and human being. But thanks for the compliment.

sorry now I got the answer. u know people like u scourndels, jobless, frustrated, uneducated mass, create so much issue that a nice family end up in divorce. my wife was just like you. how come ur husband have not divorced you yet. after that you take your kid and expect 2nd man to support you financially and you abuse him still and don't care of him or his family. so person who need to be in circus are people like you. many people marriage will survive. God save your husband. poor guy



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