Wrong info in Notary Stamp paper

I have submitted a 20 Rs notary stamp paper to local government office few days ago but I found out today that by mistake notary person put my Employment Status As " Working A Job " when I'm unemployed now. I should have read the stamp before submitting, I made a mistake. My Question is what will happen now? Can change details in notary or will government office take any legal action against me?

No comments from anyone ? Plz Experts need your view.

Is it really a problem which you may face afterwards or just a query to make fun of others, who have been wasting their time and energy to help the real needy? If you have put in your signature on it and the notary has put up his signature and rubber stamp too, then, " You're employed". For which purpose you have made it, is your problem and moreover you have neither clarified it in your query.

Thank you for your reply sir. No I'm not joking here. I wanted to put " unemployed " in my notary but notary person made mistake in typing, so my employment status now became " working a job " in stamp and I did not read it before signing stamp. I submitted notary stamp in local government office to get income certificate. But now that I have put employment status as " working a job " there is no income mentioned there as I'm unemployed. So person at government office said that I will get a letter and I will have to submit many documents and many other things. So I'm asking how serious this mistake can be? I did not lied on stamp. It was a mistake. What can I do to rectify this mistake?

Immediately, you submit an application to the same local government office of that mistake of "working a job" in that old affidavit. If they return it, then correct it in your handwriting, put your initial near the correction, get it renotarized with the notary signature & rubber stamp and resubmit it with the correction. The same notary may also guide you for this. But advice for future: read the document carefully before signing it.



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