Worried for pre-wedding fake dowry case

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Sandeep Chaudhary, I'm 26 year old working in CDAC Noida. In the august of last year I got engaged (ROKA) with a girl. Girl is from aligarh UP. She has done BA. The day I went to see her she was looking good and later our roka happened on 8th august 2018, they are plaining to fixing marriage date around nov-dec 2019 of this year. Actually I had an expectation of marrying a professionally settled girl who can respect my family too and after that she will be having her own professional identity. But when I started talking to her over the phone, There were lots compatibility issues and intellectual mismatches. she has done BA but while talking to her I never felt this. It was like if I'm talking to a high school girl studied in hindi medium. also now she is no more interested in pursue her dreams which was doing BA as I asked her a few times. I understood that she is not meant for me. I told my family about this but since ROKA had already happened they pressured me saying what others will think and about social shame. and insisted for marrying the same girl. i could not marry her and even If I marry her under social pressure It would not be good for the future of our both and later a situation of divorce might occur. Now I know that there are few mistakes from my side that I should not have said yes for marriage just by seeing her one time. and after talking to her If it was clear in my mind not to marry her . Now I'm worried that If her family could defame us in any case. most probably I guess is they will try to defame us under fake a case of dowry demand. I just wanted to know could I or any of my family member get jailed just because I denied to marry a girl after roka ceremony.
Pls suggest on below matter because i am so worry for the same so pls help me.

Sandeep Chaudhary

Don�t worry. You dodged a bullet - now become wise and don�t marry anyone. Go for casual relationship only. Marriage in India is big trap. If girl files case then nothing will happen - no arrest happens in such cases, some trips to police station to give statements and maybe some trips to court - but that will take 10 years. She can�t claim maintenance from you so you will not have any pressure except trip to court two times a year even if she files case and fights for few years. Relax and avoid marriage at all costs.


You should inform the other party of breaking the engagement of marriage and offer them what ever they spent in the engagement ceremony. Don't make issue of the matter under misguided advise otherwise more trouble for you. Send a written message to them as well make call. These call and message sent to them be kept as record for future use if required.

Marry happily why are u worrying about it god is great .he will solve the problem thru advocates judges thru family court. Ur duty is to only attend police station .and parade in court.advocades will give u assurance that justice will be given to Ur hands.beleive them.dont loose faith.on Ur marriage u act like real bull.every one who comes to marriage will appreciate Ur braveness on marriage day.on that day afterwards????????????

Dont marry such a girl with whom you don't feel comfortable and compatible. Before marriage they may do stupid cases against you once you deny to marry but as you have not demanded any cash (except small value gifts) it would be hard for them to prove it in court.

Also, if they file such case against you then in society most of the family will be afraid to marry their girl.

Don't worry and avoid such relationship. Else just visit any family counseling center where lots of couples attend counsel and fights on silly things just because of they are incompatible and rather accepting it, they just blames each other and fight in public. Don't make your married life hell. so better chose girl with whome you feel compatible and she understands you and your family.



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