Wife trying to contact after 498a

No mercy for B


Wife is trying to contact husband thru various means, like friends, relatives, emails, but husband has a bail condiiton not to destroy/threat the complainant and he is not interested in talks unless they are in court.


CAn the husband file an application to stop wife from contacting him?


wife is passing emotional messages thru friends/relatives/emials/SMS that i should talk to her on emotional grounds and she is passing thru a bad phase and i should talk to her,

WHereas i dont care now what kind of phase she is going thru as i have been Tihar and lots of humiliation just because of her.


I want to stop her sending me SMS/emails directly or indirectly till the conclusion of 498A. will court grant me this application ??

what should be my grounds for filing such application.

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you and all the accused A1......Az will be well advised not to engage in any sort of direct communication via any means.If they are repentant and want to take back the case  ...they can talk to your common elders or lawyer

There is no such application nor does the situation warrant any.



ignorance is bliss


Never trust a wife who filed a criminal case against you. eg 498a or domestic violence case.


Trusting her again is like comitting suicide.


If you accept her back, You will have to be under her sandals for the rest of your life.


Choice is yours.

No mercy for B

Thanks guys for this chamatkarik gyan of not accepting her back.


I have already earned this gyan. And luckily managed to say "no" in front of judge as well.


But i think i can file an application to stop her from sending sms or phoning me or my parents directly, as this is harassment to me and my family.

coz u never know, if i dont try, i wont get what i want, but i try then there is a little chance !


just ignore or lateron u will CERTAINLY find urself in Greater Mess.


let her send

collect ... preserve - use in future

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@author, now its your time to show her the path of loneliness as well as a chapter of cruelty. Just go to your nearest police station , give some bucks to policemen and tell them to wrute a complaint against her of blackmailing and threats.tell them that she had filed 498a earlier and now she is harassing you to fulfil illegal demands. Take that complaint copy and attach with your latest 498a trials when ever and whereever you feel. Just tell your lawyer to higlight these activities of your wife in her 498a, that will clearly show that her 498a is false. Oneside she has filed a criminal case against husband and sent him to tihar jail and other side she is emtionally blackmailing her husband. What does this mean? 

Let the judge to decide the case on merit as what is wrong with her. Never accept her at anycost. You have allready won your half battle since you have got bail. now, its upto you whether you want to live with her or not. No court in the whole world can force you to live with her. Its your time to make her to taster her own made venom.

Stay cool and calm. If in hurry then file divorce on the ground of mental cruelty. If not then enjoy the slow indian judiciary drama till you wont get acquitted. But never bow down against any illegal demands.







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