What section of IPC is applicable when a person is carrying

In my case during investigation it was found that accused were carrying more then one identity cards. Now this case is ' state vs accused party'. My question is why police has not applied any section of IPC in FIR for ' accused have multiple fake identity cards'.
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please give facts of the case.  This forum cannot solve riddles.


The question is very much simple and clear.In india Holding multiple fake identity cards is against law. What sections of IPC are applicable in this case.

For example one can have identity card from university and then also identity card from dance studio. The dance studio made typing error in writing name on ID card. No crime in having these two cards. 

Just "holding" multiple cards is no crime. There can be many reasons why someone is "holding" these cards. Who made the cards, what was falsified in the process, was falsehood intentional or accidental, what was intent behind making of false cards, what illegal benefit was taken of having these cards? All these questions need to be answered to decide IPC sections. Nature of crime is based on intention of criminal. Even killing another person is not crime if it was accident and occcurred with no intention or negligence on part of killer. 


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Earlier you said


“arrying more then one identity cards”


Now your said


“Holding multiple fake identity cards “


You are giving facts on instlement basis.  You are yet to reveal :-


  1. Who held these cards
  2. In which capacity
  3. Who issued these cards.
  4. How matter came to light







Its a matrimonial money fraud case. During investigation it was found that the accused is holding 5 PAN card numbers. It was also revealed that on one of the PAN cards he used different name but photo is same. Using this PAN card with different name he opened several bank accounts . In all the bank accounts details photo of the accused is same. After his arrest accused confessed to police that he was using 2 names. My question is when police know this factory then why not they added some more charges against this accused. Its not at all possible to get 5 PAN cards of different States of the India just by accident.

Police will do work as per bribe. It seems he is good at hiding money using illegal means, it also seems he is good at managing police. Such person has nothing to fear from laws, such person is fit for senior political position.


If you are a lawyer, then I wasn't expecting such answer from a lawyer. Instead of suggesting how to get punished these criminals you are saying he is fit for a senior political position. After reading your previous post i thought i will get some usefull suggestion from you. But your blunt answer disappointed me. If lawyers of india start fighting for truth then i m sure crime rate will sharply decrease to a great extent. Such criminals get courage to commit crime because they know it very well there is some lawyer who will save him anyways.

My question is still ananswered.
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you asked


"when police know this factory then why not they added some more charges against this accused"


This forum cannot be spokesperson of the police..  You can give complaint to income tax deptt.  You can give seperate complaint to EOW of the police.




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