What proof do I need to get someone convicted

My friend has stolen my wallet as he was only one sitting next to me. What proof do I need to get him convicted.

So the moral of the story here is that if you DO wind up in the unfortunate situation where your wallet's gone walkabout and taken your life with it, make sure the first call you make is to the police. Then Police officer will investigate the matter and he will register the FIR and the inverstigation officer will take necessary action against your friend. In the investigation is proved that your friend had taken your wallet, you have chances that your friend is going to be convicted. my advise execuse him and try to be good friends.


How will it be proved in investigation that he took my wallet.

The investigation officer will peruse your complaint, if he get any dout on your complaint he will not register FIR, if your explainantion is in proper he will register FIR and investigation officer is having so many techniques to get the truth from the accused


Do you mind if I ask you to mention the techniques. I need them.

My friend is blaming me for his wallet theft as I was travelling with him in taxi. What proof does he needs to convict me of theft.

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this is posted by you i hope why you are posting this query against your friend also.



No direct evidence. Only circumstantial evidence. As your friend was the only person sitting beside you at time of incidence, it is probable that only he could have stolen your phone as no one else was around at time of occurence. 

If you want to, please file an FIR u/ Section 154 crpc against your friend. The FIR would look something like the attachment, along with the charges below:

Personal details: Name/address/contact no etc

Place of occurance: Where did incident take place?

Dt.& Hour of occurence: which date and at what time incident took place?

Offense complained of: In your case it would be theft (include property particulars)

Describe your friend/whoever you suspect of having stolen your phone.

Sign it with your name and signature on the dotted lines. And include a concise statement of facts on why you want to lodge the FIR against your friend. 

Make 2 copies of FIR. One for yourself. One for/at police station.\

Good luck!





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Will it be enough for conviction or not.@Advocate kaybee



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