What documents required to apply ab bail in high court-urgen

Hi All, what documents required to apply anticipatory bail in High court ? Please advice.

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Dear venkat don't you have hired any Lawyer for AB till date?

The questions about AB will be solved by your criminal lawyer,this is not the way to ask question's which you often do by putting only 2 lines of breif.Which can't be answered without knowing the allegations which has been framed in FIR.


Consult local lower. Any document not required presently.


Hello Venkat,

Did u applied for a bail in megistrate court and what is the result.If it fails wait for sometime and put a bail petition if not move a bail application in high court.

For AB collect all the documents saying u are innocent and file a petition.

Contact any high court lawyer  and if u don't have details of lawyers i will give you.

do you got FIR copy and what all sections case registered with.


Hi Rajendra,I have applied for AB bail in megistrated court last week on Thursday and waiting for that. last week my wife and her relatives,police came to banglore and came to our home unfortunately I was not there and my owner told me. I got FIR copy rajendra. She filed 498a & DP 3&4. If you have free time I want to meet u.Please let me know ur availability time. I am bit scared about the my wifes allegations.Please advise.


Hi Rajendra,

 In FIR she mentioned below points.

1)      1.She left home 3 days back and went to her parent’s home and filed case. True is : Actually she left home 3 months.

2)      2. Her age is 30 like that she mentioned in FIR. True is : Actually her age is 32 but my age is 29.

3)      3.She mentioned in FIR, I have taken 15 lakhs dowry in front of her relatives and My parents. True is : one lakhs rupees for marriage expenses purpose, we have taken in front of her relatives and my parents.

4)      4. She is telling in FIR, am locking door every day while going to office : True is : she used to go outside to meet her friends every day and weekends.

5)      5. She is telling in FIR, am beating daily, not allowing her to go to job and I have taken all original certificates and while going to her home. True is: She told me am not feeling well and want to go to marriage while going to her home town she packed all her gold and my gold, money, certificates left home.

6)     6. Am asking 5lakhs dowry to her father in phone like that she mentioned in FIR. True is : we asked only when will u send ur daughter to our home . I have all recording s and her messages for proof.


7)      7. She mentioned in FIR , Forcefully I  have taken 150gms gold while coming. Actually true is she packed all my gold and certificates and money because of that we didn’t  ask money, gold, money just we asked only when will u come back to our home.

Past three months, me and my father asking to her father when will u send ur daughter  to our home, he was not at all sending and he was telling some stories. We didn’t send any notice and filed any cases on her. When she was with me she was asking me to take 15lakhs LIC Policy and put her name as nominee, 2BHK Flat in Bangalore, buy gold for her like that she was torturing me and her father also. 10 days she filed case 498a & DP 3 & 4 on me. 2 days back we applied for Anticipatory bail and waiting for that, yesterday  my wife came with 6 members( Police and her brothers) came to our place where we are staying in Bangalore. Unfortunately I was not there my owner told me like this. Marriage happened in DEC-12 and 10 months completed.


1. What precautions u want me take till get anticipatory bail? Please advice.

2. Till now I didn’t file any case on her and didn’t send any notice to her. My wife’s father is having some political background and police influence, am getting scare If I go to their place, they will do something to me. Please advise how to save my life? Do you want me file any case based on above facts?

3. Is it possible to transfer case from my wife’s place to our place, if so how many days it will take and what is the procedure?

4. Please advise how to precede these cases and how to save my life and my parents.

5.Do you want me file any case on my wife and her father ? Please advise.


Nothing to worry venkat............

We have lot of brothers fighting false cases and don't think you are alone at any point of time..

we have many organisations(SIFF,Confidareindia) who are helping the 498A husbands.

you can send FIR copy to my email id and if you want to meet me give me a call by 6pm today.

Note:As i said till u get AB police will do hunting..its not safe to stay in the house..move to a unknown address


Hi Rajendra,Ok, I will call you today by 6 pm. How will we get help for SIFF,Confidareindia organisations?. Pls advise.


Hello Venkat,

Since you are new to legal system need to explain.

Girl can literally murder a man publicly and escape from court.this what how the judiciary works in india.

you don't have any option to file a counter cases at the moment but forst concentrate on AB.

once u get the AB take ur relative and attend in police station.

If you feel something they will do and give a written complaint to SP office,khammam that saying u have threat from wife's family.

Even though u have counter cases option do not use the weapon now and till u have 498A on ur head will not be helpful.

the typical 498A case runs is first it will be strong going forward it will frustate the wife side and one day they will fall on our legs to forgive .

then you can file counter cases once u win the case.

My case is similar.My wife's relative demanded 28lacs in police station and influnced the police but i showed middle finger.

Now they came for 11lac and still i don't want to settle.Lets fight for victory and celebrate.

Good Luck.



Hi Rajendra, Thanks for ur valuable suggestions and time. U want me send written complaint to Khammam SP through post or through lawyer.Please advise. 




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