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I work in Guardian India (Gurgon) this compnay does not provide security guards to female employees and froce male empoyees to take the last drop. Is there any Law for this.


Companies are required to ensure security of women employees working beyond 6 PM while at work and dropping them home. Certainly, fellow male employees can ensure better safety than security guards.


Thank you sir ,

Sir but is it right to force male employee to take last drop and not provide security guard ?



Is there any dispute involved to be advised by legal experts?


No sir,


But my compnay always force me to take the last drop and because of which I have to travel aprox 6-7 km extra daily. they did  not drop me at my drop point. I am mentally not happy about this. I just want to know if is this not against the transport law ?


This is something which any ordinary person would do as a good neighbour. Being educated and well-employed, one certainly ought to be a good neighbour and a enlightened citizen.


Policy and mutual cooperation are two different aspect of any organizational culture. The policy is formal and mandatory for all, while mutual cooperation is informal and quite voluntary on the part of individuals.

So, Mr. P. Venu has rightly advised you.

Rather, the fellow employees should better take the lead by themselves volunteering to ensure safety & security of their femail colleaqgues, as they can provide better security than anyone else. Humantarian attitudes, rather than individualism is quite necessary among the colleagues of any organization. That becomes beneficial all the times.

Traversing extra 6-7 KMs every day may sometimes become quite rewarding in one or the other form at the hands of the company itself.



I am really sorry but trust me I thing I wasted my time here, I was just asking about the law. if as per the is that correct?

As per your statment there should not be any secutiry gaurd in the cab and all male empoyees has to take female resposibitly. this should be our dutiy and role in the company apart from our work.

I respect your veiw but. But it is like you are forcing some one to take resposibiltiy .




Is there any one who could just tell me about the law please.




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