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The trademark status says Send To Vienna Codification. what does this mean ? and how much time will it still take to get the trademark registered. The trademark application was filed on April 2011.

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For Trade marks registration, the products are classified into 45 different classes. The trade mark will be given a class number on the basis of the class in which the product falls.

There are a number of steps for Trade Mark registratio such as examination, formalities check, publication in journal, opposition, hearing etc. It is not at all a quick process. It may take a minimum of 2-3 years for registration if not more than that.


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Dear Mr. Naiju,

India is a member to the Vienna Agreement. These are internationally accepted standards for logo.

The Trade-marks Database can also be searched by the graphic elements of the trade-mark design (often referred to as a "logo" or "symbol"). In this tutorial the "symbol"/"logo" will be referred to as the "design" so as to maintain consistency with the terminology of the Trade-marks Database. In this lesson you will learn the following:

Vienna Codes

An internationally-accepted standard has been developed to classify the design of trade-marks where each graphic element in a trade-mark design is assigned a numerical code. This standard is referred to as a "Vienna Code Classification."

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Dear Anju, 

While filing a trade mark application, please keep in mind that the specification of goods or services must go in accordance with "International Classification" . A trade mark application may take one and a half or two years to get Registered, if not opposed. 


A trademark can be registered for any mark that distinguishes you. That mark can be in form of a brand name or a logo or a catchy line. It can represent your organization or your product or services.

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