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raj kumar makkad

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Posted On 30 November 2010 at 21:43 Report Abuse

Hobbes tells in his master piece book on philosophy "Leviathan" that his mother gave birth to Twins i.e. Hobbes and FEAR" and describes further in the “Leviathan” that due to this Fear complex man by nature is ungrateful, fickle, deceitful, cowardly and avaricious.

Since human nature of any material man by and large is same, some degree of corruption is throughout the world. However, India is perceived as one of the most corrupt countries. In the developed countries corruption is mostly at higher level and not at grass root level so the common man is not much affected by the same. In India it is at all levels affecting day to day life of the citizens in regard to civic and social amenities. In Singapore , Finland , Australia and a few other countries it is considered as deadly disease both in private and public sectors. Clearly Science of Good Governance can considerably reduce corruption.

 In India it is mainly due to our dead, inflexible and redundant colonial systems of pre Independence days in regard to urban and rural administration supplemented by Indian brand of outdated Socialism cause of excessive centralization, corruption and criminalization in politics. Solution lies in attaining Swaraj (self rule), Freedom with accountability, transparency and complete decentralization/bottom up democracy based on science of good governance. Also we should implement without any further delay Amendments number 73 and 74 to the Constitution of India approved in 1992. Without any valid justification these have not been implemented in their entirety so far even after 17 years of their approval by Parliament.

 We should have at levels i.e. Central government, State governments and Local governments Ethics Committees consisting of men/women of proved integrity from the public. Their findings on guide lines on ethics should be widely made public every week for their views and implementation

 Incidentally Vedas are the supreme scripttures of followers of Sanatan Dharma and UNESCO has accorded Heritage Status to Rig Veda being useful for mankind. I give briefly

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