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Posted On 14 May 2011 at 16:37 Report Abuse

Hi All,


If we send the following TALAQNAMA to opposite party, will the divorce got completed?





This Deed of Talaqnama is executed on this by <husband name, address> at <name of town> in the presence of the following witnesses. By Vitue of this Talaqnama, I give TALAQ, TALAQ, TALAQ to my wife <wife name , address> to whom I had married according to Mohammadan law on <date of marriage> at my mother's father's house at <marriage venue>

  1. Whereas I have divorced my wife on today, <today date> on account of her cruel misbehavior towards me and my beloved mother <husband mother name> aged about 55 years and also against my two beloved younger brothers. She also dragged me to Police station thereby defaming me in the society by leveling false and fictitious allegations of demand dowry. I had never received any dowry, nor demanded any dowry at the time of marriage or even prior to the marriage from my former wife <wife name>. No one can force me under muslim personal law to keep my former wife <wife name> with me.

  2. Hence this Talaqnama is final and irrevocable being executed in the presence of attesting witnesses who have seen me signing this TALAQNAMA and heared me while I pronounced TALAQ, TALAQ, TALAQ three times to my wife <wife name> in her presence at  <place name>. This is my personal decision and no one is empowered to stop me in doing so and even the Court of Law have held that the supremacy of Mohammadan Law give full power to a husband to divorce his wife at any time by pronouncing three times “TALAQ TALAQ TALAQ”. The TALAQ is now complete in all respects and my previous wife , will have no concern with me henceforth.

  3. I shall send the Meher money of Rs 1125/- (Eleven Hundres Twenty Five rupees only) plus Rs 1500/- (fifteen hundred rupees only) Total amount of Rs 2625/- by way of Demand Draft (D.D No.#________________) which will be sent by registered A/D cover at her <her native place> address (native place) to ensure its proper delivery to her.


Signature of witnesses: Signature of executant



witness-2 :

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Posted On 08 December 2013 at 18:24 Report Abuse

Can you inform me that how to complete the process of Talaqnama & who is the authority of this process, if any From have issue or not.

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