Summon received of an unkown case filed against me somewhere


I  Received a Summon of an unkown case filed against me somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. An officer of my local police station handed it to me and got it received.

I am pursuing a Title Suit against few people and i think they have filed some false case against me and my son in some uttar pradesh court just to harass us.

What should i do next? and what if they keep doing this in various part of the country. Is there a permanent solution to it.

Please help me out :(



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what are the charges ?

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I am sorry i dont know what are the charges. The summon was received in my absence. I just have a photocopy of a paper which is signed by the Chief Judicial Magistrate and on the backside of the paper is a stamp of the local police station that handed it to us.

The summon that i have bears my name, my address and is handwritten. It also has a case no mentioned on the top.
 There is a date mentioned on it that says "Peshi" 10 / 3 /013.

The date 10 /3 /13 is a sunday and i guess it has been changed manually to further complicate things for us.

I am really troubled by what to do and how to handle this situation. Any guidance would be helpful. I dont even know how a summon should be but i feel i should be given an original copy.


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Ther emay be descripttion of the court from wher esummons came.  Go to that city before the due  date get the details of the case and hire advocate well before the date.

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you should try to invetigate form local Police station form which the officel come to serve the summons, there form you can gat themore details regarding the court from the summons have issued.

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Thank you all for your replies. I did check the summon and got the charges that have been made against me. They are 323,504,506. I am not sure about what these charges mean but ill look up on the web and get more information about them.

The court is Maharajganj. I have no idea where it is but I think its in Uttar pradesh. (tell me if anyone knows more about it)

Im thinking... How is this fair for someone to file a case on anyone in any part of the country. Time will tell whats False or True but until then it is  such a pain.

Please tell me what to do further to avoid any such nuisance in the future. Is there a solution for this. Also, can i file a cross complain againt the person who filed this false case. He/she should be taught a lesson. but how??




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