Shares in company that was sold multiple times

I own 16,766 ordinary shares of a company A that was sold to one company B in 1992. In 1992, company B sold off company A to company C (a foreign company), which renamed company A. This was then further sold to another company D. Are my shares worth anything? What are my options?

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Do some basic calculations on your own. The Earnings Per Share (net profit/ number of shares) and Price/Earnings ratio (market price/ EPS) should give you a fair understanding. Read How to spot a good stock to understand what these ratios mean and how to use them.

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Being just a riddle, your shares are not worth anything, when you have not given any case history, particularly when you purchased the shares, when registered in your name, whether and when dematted, how you came to know about selling of company A to B, when B resold company A to C, renamed and again sold to D? Did you get any notice of AGM of the company, A, B, C or D and and what was the merger ration each time of A when merged with B, then C, and finally with D?

In fact, what I guess, yours is merely a hypothetical story without any background or case history.

If it is a question for students of ICSE course, it has not been framed by any talented teacher.




The issue requires professional consultation.

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